Health benefits of medicinal properties of Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberry

In Ayurveda, countless benefits have been mentioned about the medicinal properties of Indian gooseberry. Amla is used as medicinal for hair, skin, immunity and also to treat many diseases. Many elements are present in abundance in Amla which are beneficial for health. Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins, fibers, calories, fats, minerals, manganese, iron, calcium, antioxidant and antibacterial properties are also present, which make the medicinal properties of amla even more effective towards health.


What is Indian Gooseberry?

Amla tree is a fruit bearing medicinal plant. The length of the Amla tree is generally around 15 to 20 feet. Amla tree is found in many countries, Apart from Asia, it is cultivated in all the states in Europe, North America, India. Healthy soil (fertile soil) is required for Amla tree or for cultivation.


The Amla tree bears fruit after flowering. The fruit of Amla is striped and fleshy. Amla tastes bitter and mildly sweet in taste. The fruit is smooth and rich in fiber. Amla is used as medicinal in many ways such as powder, juice, fruit, pickle, marmalade.


Botanical name Indian Gooseberry?

The botanical name of Amla ( Indian gooseberry ) is from Phyllanthus emblica and Euphorbiaceae family. Its name is simply Amla in Indian and Emblicmyrobalan tree in English.


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Types of Indian gooseberry

The type of amla in India is based on the varieties. The variety of Amla is of the following 5 types.


Types of Indian gooseberry


Benefits of Indian gooseberry

Benefits of Amla As it is curious to know about its innumerable benefits, as much as it has innumerable benefits towards health. Amla is beneficial for health such as blood cleansing, constipation, jaundice, antioxidant, diarrhea, diabetes, anemia, skin diseases, hair fall and all problems, cough, phlegm, joint pain, body detox, dehydration, stomach irritation, eye problems. Roshni and amla are used as a pain reliever.


Next you will know that in detail about the benefits of Amla, keep reading the article continuously.


1. Amla beneficial for problem of hair

The graying of hair at an early age occurs because of any deficiency for the hair. Due to lack of protein, vitamins, nutrients, folic acid in the hair, graying of hair at an early age. There are many reasons for graying of hair. The main of which is the weakening of DHT, which strengthens the root of the hair, genetic, hair color pigment deficiency, lack of diet plan, all the problems are due to graying of hair. To make gray hair black from the root or to prevent black hair from becoming white hair, hair fall can be treated in many ways with Ayurvedic treatment of Amla.


1. Mixing amla oil and coconut oil and massaging it in the roots of the hair will stop hair fall and whitening after a few days.
2. Mix the raw pulp of amla and natural henna powder as per the requirement of the hair and coconut oil and heat it on a light gas flame till the gooseberry pulp turns yellow. Applying the paste prepared from amla for 2 days in a week gives relief to all hair problems.
3. If you consume gooseberry murabba daily, it helps in preventing whiteness.


2. Indian Amla Nutrition Facts of Indian gooseberry
Indian gooseberry Nutrition facts
1. Vitamin C 47.4%
2. Manganese 2 grams
3. Fiber 5 grams
4. Potassium 1 gram
5. Calcium 2 grams
6. Iron 5 grams
7. Vitamin A and B Complex 33%
8. Carbohydrate 2 grams
9. Acid 1 g
10. Fat 5 g

3. Indian gooseberry strengthens immunity

Amla strengthens the immune system the ability to fight disease even more or is the best source of immunity booster. Amla is rich in Vitamin C and B complex which is said to be a booster of immunity. The medicinal properties of amla protect the body from disease by strengthening the immunity. If the body suffers from many types of diseases due to weak immunity, to strengthen it, consuming amla juice on an empty stomach is a more effective medicinal gooseberry in increasing immunity.

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4. Medicinal properties of amla to detox the body

Detox the body Medicinal properties of amla. The dirt should be cleaned from the body several times every week or month. If the body is not detoxified every week or several days, then the body’s dirt turns into a disease, so detoxing the body is as important as nutrients and vitamins to keep the body healthy needed.


This type of problem can increase if the body is not detoxified

1. Itchy skin
2. Ringworm
3. Skin diseases
4. Stomach Problems
5. digestion
6. Insomnia
7. Kidney
8. lung disease
9. Indigestion


To detox the body, adopt it along with the medicinal properties of amla

1. To clean the dirt of the body, take amla juice. The acid in amla juice proves to be more helpful in removing the dirt of the body.
2. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.
3. Consume fruits containing vitamin C.
4. Eat fiber-rich vegetables and grains.
5. Work out at home or in the gym.
6. Get enough sleep.
7. Drink coconut water.


5. Amla Powder for digestion of food 

Amla has medicinal properties in abundance to increase the digestive power. The chemical substance present in amla works for digestion. Digestion of food sometimes aggravates the problem like indigestion, which causes gas, stomach pain, diarrhea, indigestion due to food, or irregular eating, often the problem of digestion of food can occur with any age. is. In order to ensure proper digestion of food, take 1 teaspoon of Amla powder before eating food, it cures the problem of indigestion.


6. Amla provides relief from constipation, acidity

To make amla powder, take raw gooseberry, take out its pulp, dry it in the sun and make it fine with the help of a mixer. Finely grind sugar into fine powder, two spoons and 5 seeds of black pepper, fennel, cumin, black salt and mix them all together and eat it on an empty stomach, it provides relief from constipation, acidity, stomachache.


7. Amla jam can give relief from heart disease

As age increases, in the same way, changes in the body’s immunity and heart rate, increase in stress, all kinds of problems take the form of disease. Heart disease starts to occur with age. Sometimes the disease becomes so severe that it leads to instant death. Heart disease like heart attack, heart failure, heart stroke, heart hole can be ill with all kinds of diseases.


The medicinal properties of amla are more beneficial to prevent heart disease and amla is 35% more effective in reducing heart disease. If jam made from amla is consumed daily in lifestyle, it helps in curing bad cholesterol along with heart disease.


8. Amla gives relief from itching

Dry the gooseberry seeds and grind them finely and grind the neem leaves and mix them with the gooseberry. Mix coconut oil in powdered powder of gooseberry and neem leaves and apply it on the area affected by itching. Any type of itching will give immediate relief.


9. Amla beneficial for diabetes

Diabetes is the only disease that occurs due to high levels of sugar in the blood. At present, many people are suffering from this disease due to diabetes. There are many reasons for having diabetes, such as obesity, genetics, lack of insulin, medical history, increased amount of sugar, all cause diabetes.

Treatment of Diabetes Home Remedies The medicinal properties of amla slow down the progression of the disease and is 40% more effective in preventing diabetes.

Diabetes is caused due to increased level of sugar in the blood. All the properties present in amla help in curing diabetes. Drinking amla juice increases the purity of the blood and helps in cleaning the body’s dirt. This is possible due to the presence of special chemicals in amla.


10. Amla beneficial for jaundice

In jaundice, the color of the skin becomes yellow. Jaundice is caused due to an increase in the substance called bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is formed when red blood cells break down and is light brown and red in color. Jaundice can be serious if left untreated. Jaundice can be treated with home remedy amla. Grind finely gooseberry and make a sauce by grinding a small amount of salt and garlic leaves or buds, taking it, the amount of bilirubin present in the blood gradually decreases, which provides relief in jaundice.


11. Amla chemicals reduce aging

The medicinal properties of amla are more effective to reduce the effects of aging. Amla is considered to have rasayana properties in Ayurveda because all the nutritional properties present in amla work like rasayana properties. Medicinal properties of amla which is more effective to reduce any disease. Amla is the best source of immunity and detoxifies the body, helps in smooth functioning, reduces the problem of degenerative, beneficial for the brain. Consumption of amla helps in reducing aging.


12. Gooseberry is beneficial in fever

Medicinal properties of amla provide relief from antioxidant fever. To reduce the temperature of fever, by consuming juice made from vitamin C and medicinal chemicals, one can feel the decrease in fever temperature. Extract the pulp of amla, grind it finely, separate the juice and add 1 teaspoon of honey to it and drink it, it is beneficial in reducing the effect of fever.


13. Benefits of amla to keep the heart healthy

Amla contributes well in keeping the heart healthy because all the properties of amla are beneficial to take good care of health for a long time, and amla is helpful in reducing the increased bad cholesterol of the heart. The medicinal properties and nutrients of amla and vitamin C make its passage even easier by cleansing the blood vessels.


Amla consumption or dosage

It is easy to consume amla raw, powder, jam, pickle, juice, thick in all types. The medicinal properties of Amla are beneficial for health. Amla is not harmful in any way. Consuming amla properly depends on the health of how much it is necessary for you. Due to its medicinal properties, people use it in home remedies. Do they know that for which disease, how much amla should be consumed, if in this situation they do not have knowledge about consuming amla, then they should take advice of some good medicinal ayurveda.


FAQ Related to Amla or Indian gooseberry

Q. Can gooseberry cure scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency?

Ans – Amla is considered to be the healthiest fruit of medicinal properties in Ayurveda. Vitamin C is 47% in Amla. Scurvy disease is often caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. Consuming one fruit of amla is beneficial in curing scurvy disease.


2.  Q. Are the properties of amla beneficial for cold?

Ans – If the properties of amla are consumed in the form of a thick, then it can be beneficial for cold. Due to the availability of antioxidants and vitamin C in amla, it can help in curing cold.


3. Q. Can pickle made from Amla be consumed in heart disease?

Ans – You can consume pickle made from Amla, as you know that Amla is beneficial for health, but before consuming pickle, one must consult the doctor once because Amla is spice-rich and for heart patient. damage may occur.


Q. Is Amla helpful in strengthening immunity?

Ans – Indian gooseberry is considered to be the best for health as the medicinal properties of Ayurveda. Amla is best source to strengthen immunity.


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