Hantavirus Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention


In a statement on social media from a Chinese news agency, it has been claimed that a person was killed in a bus in Yunnan province of China, due to which it is being reported as the Hutavirus. The Hantavirus was first confirmed in 1993–94, but was not as effective as the virus is being confirmed today. The virus does not spread to each other, nor is it claimed to have died more than this. This virus is caused by contact with the feces of rats and squirrels. And the virus is spread by eating rat and squirrel baton. The following symptoms of Hantavirus are as follows – Chills, fever, cough, headache, watery lungs appear early symptoms.

Type of Hantavirus

Hantavirus the following 2 types

1. Pulmonary Syndrome


Pulmonary syndrome is a form of hantavirus. And there is no specific symptom in this disease. But the patient (hantavirus) affects after a long time and the patient dies due to lack of rescue and diagnosis. The disease is caused by touching urine of rats and squirrels. And this (infection) disease does not spread due to touching of each other or coming in contact with the patient. Pulmonary Syndrome Symptoms of this disease like- headache, difficulty in breathing, joint pain, fever, cough, vomiting.


2. Fever Renal Syndrome

Fever Renal Syndrome is another type of hantavirus and this other type of virus has proved to be very deadly and this virus has recently killed a human in China, which has once again stirred up the whole world. It has been said that this virus is more dangerous than the coronavirus and in it man dies quickly. What is the symptom of fever renal syndrome hantavirus? Symptoms of Fever Renal Syndrome – Fever, chills, body aches, vomiting, digestive power weak, kidney, lung disease, diarrhea all kinds of symptoms are in other types of Fever Renal Syndrome hantavirus.

How does hantavirus spread?

Hantavirus has once again come to China to knock. The number of people who have died of corona virus has increased so much in China, other than China, which is still battling the corona virus, even today, the stories stand tall even after hearing its name. And then once the senses of the whole world are blown away, but you all have nothing to fear and can protect you from hantavirus. How is the virus spread?

The reason for the outbreak of virus in humans is being told through this article that the main reason for this – squirrels and rats are being told. Both squirrels and rats live among humans and some people keep it domesticated and keep it with them, so that their feces and urine comes in contact with them and (hantavirus) makes everyone sick and dies a few days later.


There are the following 5 reasons for the spread of hantavirus

1. The most common cause of hantavirus outbreak is the spread of this disease by the exposure of feces and urine of rats and squirrels.
2. Hantavirus caused by eating food eaten by rats and squirrels.
3. After touching the feces of the rat, the disease is spread by touching the body parts like nose, mouth, eyes.
4. Donating blood by a person suffering from hantavirus can make a healthy person sick.
5 Spread by a young child eating the feces of a rat or a squirrel.

Hantavirus symptoms

Symptoms of hantavirus resemble the symptoms of corona virus and this symptom can be caused by other disease such as – corona virus, colds, Typhoid, malaria, dengue, swine flu, fever are all symptoms of hantavirus. If any person has such symptoms, he should contact the doctor immediately, otherwise it can be fatal. Symptoms of laughing virus are of the following types like – fever, cough, body ache, shortness of breath, headache, diarrhea, chest pain, vomiting, kidney failure, loss of appetite, lung affected all types of symptoms. Occur in the disease and it may be symptoms of other disease.


Cause of Hantavirus disease?

1. Consumption of food consumed by squirrels and rats.
2. by contact with rat feces.
3. Cleaning.
4. By contact with the victim.
5. Lack of knowledge about Hantavirus disease.


prevent hantavirus

1. Protect against the virus causing diseases like mice, squirrels.
2. Use face mask.
3. Keep distance from the patient of Laugh virus.
4. Do not domesticate rats and squirrels.
5. Keep the food item well covered and protect it from rats.

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What treatment of hantavirus?

There is no cure for the Hantavirus yet, nor is there any vaccine yet. But you do not need to panic. Avoiding virus virus is the biggest cure for it. Now let us know how to prevent it. You should clean your surroundings and the house thoroughly and use the mask before cleaning the feces from the squirrels, rats. And your caution is your protection from cleaning the eyes, nose and ears while cleaning.


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