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Haemophilia is a genetic disease that occurs from parent to child. Haemophilia disease is fatal and every year Haemophilia is celebrated on April 17 in the world and every year about 30 to 40% of people die from Haemophilia disease. Hemophilia disease is genetic (parental) disease caused to the child. In hemophilia disease, due to continuous injury, there is continuous bleeding and in which there is no blood clotting, it is called hemophilia.

Haemophilia disease occurs mostly in men and is less in women, it is because this disease that is received from their parents during the genetic of women acts as a carrier of women and the disease of hemophilia is less in women and it is also The reason is that their chromosome is also (XX) and that of men (XY). Haemophilia is a fatal disease if a person does not stop the flow of blood due to a slight injury can prove to be fatal for him because of the lack of vitamin and iron in the blood, the vitamin that clots in the blood That vitamin is reduced in the blood, so the blood secretion does not stop.

In Haemophilia disease, if some such symptoms are seen, then immediately contact the doctor, such as – no blood clot after injury, joint pain, bleeding from eyes, ears, nose and urine and the main cause of Haemophilia. Some such as – (disease) due to genetic inherited parents, due to stomach infection, bleeding from nose or mouth may be the most prominent reason if any such symptoms and causes are seen immediately. Contact your nearest doctor and get advice immediately and get treatment.

There are three types of haemophilia (ABC).

Due to non-formation of blood clot, It is divided into three parts.

( Type – A)

Due to non-formation of blood clot in stage A, It is kept in phase 8 and the blood secretion in phase A comes out without injury and thus the person suffering from hemophilia is killed due to continuous blood secretion.

( Type – B)

In stage B also, due to non-formation of blood clot, it is kept in stage 9, in this phase the blood secretion comes out without injury and thus the continuous blood secretion can lead to death of a person suffering from hemophilia.

(Type – C)

Haemophilia type C is placed in the last stage and the 11 category and contains blood secretion due to injury to the person suffering from hemophilia. If a person suffering from haemophilia, then he should guard against injury during this time.

What causes hemophilia?

Every disease has one or the exact cause. Similarly, due to haemophilia disease, there are the following types of diseases, which are as follows –

1. Genetic disorder (gene) –

Haemophilia disorder is one of the genetic disease and the disease is as simple as it is fatal. Hemophilia disease genetic disease is caused by genes from parents to children and hemophilia disease can be caused by distant relatives.

2. Lack of protein or vitamin in the blood –

Due to lack of vitamin or protein in the blood due to lack of blood clotting due to lack of vitamin or protein in the blood, a person can also die due to continuous bleeding.

3. Causes of disease –

If a person has a disease for a long time (HIV/AIDS, TB, Jaundice ) then there is an increased risk of getting hemophilia disease.

4. Stomach infection –

A person has a disease like haemophilia due to contaminated food or working in a contaminated place due to contaminated food and contaminated ventilation. Infections in the stomach can cause the following diseases such as – stomach ache, jaundice, hemophilia can be all types of disease. Stomach infection may be the cause of hemophilia disease.

5. Immunity –

While weakening immunity, there are many types of diseases and usually there are diseases that get cured on treatment and there are some diseases which are weak of immunity. Due to this disease can become more serious and life-threatening, like- haemophilia, corona virustuberculosis, jaundice can be all types of disease.

6. Blood clotting –

Blood clotting in hemophilia disease is due to lack of vitamin K in the blood. This is because the blood clotting is not possible in hemophilia disease and the continuous secretion of blood due to injury. Having it can be fatal for the patient. In haemophilia, if any person is constantly bleeding, and bleeding is not stopping, do not immediately delay contact a doctor and get treatment.

Other causes of hemophilia like –
  • Haemophilia due to bleeding of eyes, nose, ears, urine.
  • In hemophilia disease, blood secretion from muscles is caused without injury.
  • Can be related to a woman or girl suffering from haemophilia.
  • If a woman is suffering from Haemophilia or a male, if her syringe is applied to someone else, then she can also suffer from Haemophilia.
  • Haemophilia is not caused by any untouchable disease, it is caused by genetic disease.

What is hemophilia symptoms?

Symptoms of Haemophilia The main symptom of Haemophilia is the absence of blood clot from the body and bleeding due to injury. A person suffering from haemophilia includes other types and symptoms which are as follows.

  • Frequent bleeding of blood after injury is a major symptom of hemophilia.
  • Blood in haemophilia from muscles or uterine cavities without any reason
    Secretion of hemophilia is a symptom.
  • Body aches and joint pains.
  • Inflammation in all parts of the body.
  • Bleeding from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and urinary tract.
  • Blood secretion (internal) from the brain.
  • Headache, fatigue, and bleeding from teeth are a symptoms of hemophilia.
  • Haemophilia is a form of complex and painful disease that can be felt and seen.
  • No blood clotting in hemophilia.
Other symptoms of hemophilia
  • Other symptoms in the symptoms of Himophilia, such as stomach pain, severe body ache and stiffness, dizziness after getting up in the morning are all types of symptoms.
  • A wound or an abscess at many places in the body, causing persistent blood secretion.
  • Constant loss of body weight in Haemophilia.
  • High hair loss and weakened immunity in hemophilia.
  • Bleeding and pain from the gums.

How to prevent hemophilia?

The following are the measures to prevent hemophilia, by adopting the following, you can prevent a person suffering from hemophilia disease and a healthy person by reading this article.

  • To prevent hemophilia, blood should be taken only after the blood donation is done by the person suffering from hemophilia.
  • If a pregnant woman was suffering from haemophilia before and now she is about to give birth to a newborn baby, then she must do a blood test 3 times to protect her newborn baby.
  • If the child has inherited hemophilia disease from the genetic parents, then if you get the same symptom from the above symptoms then you should treat hemophilia completely.
  • A person suffering from haemophilia should avoid injury and knife cutting as the person may also die due to continuous bleeding from the injury.
  • A person suffering from haemophilia must check a haemophilia before making sexual relations with the woman / man.
  • Strengthen immunity.

Changes in life towards hemophilia disease

How should a person suffering from Haemophilia disease and a healthy person make a change in life towards Haemophilia disease which is as follows.

  • A person suffering from hemophilia due to injury and accident should be protected.
  • A person suffering from hemophilia should have his blood test done in between.
  • Should guard against football and kabaddi and race.
  • Follow the instructions given by the doctor.
  • Immunity should be strengthened against hemophilia disease.

What is hemophilia test?

Complete treatment is possible after lab test each and every disease and similarly, after test the hemophilia disease, treatment is possible.

Lab test (Haemophilia)

  1. Platelets 2. Prothropin (simple) 3. Level Factors 8 and 9 examined

Haemophilia Disease test on various ventures, which is as follows.

  1. Checking blood clotting (how much time the blood is freezing)
  2. Under the supervision of a doctor.
  3. Examination of the patient from the history of medical.
  4. Genetic (Gene Detection).

Risk factors for hemophilia

The risk of hemophilia is from distant relatives and genetic parents of chromosomes X and Y (X chromosome is inherited from father to son and Y chromosome is caused by genes from his mother to daughter). Haemophilia is more active in the genetic X chromosome and acts as a female carrier in the Y chromosome, carrying the disease into each other.
Haemophilia disease depends on the fact that distant relatives and history of genetic disease from one generation to another are more active in the X chromosome and act as carriers in the Y chromosome, so men are at greater risk than women.

What are the complications of hemophilia?

Complications of hemophilia can occur in a sufferer as follows.

1. Internal bleeding

In a person suffering from hemophilia, bleeding from the internal nerves of the body causes swelling and sharp pain in the body part due to pressure from various part nerves of the body.

2. Joint pain

In the patient of hemophilia, it is often the case that the sufferer has severe pain due to pressure on the joints due to bleeding and if not treated in time, this joint disease can aggravate the problem of Arthritis.

3. Infection –

In the late stage of hemophilia, the need for blood increases more if the blood deficiency is not met during this time, it increases the risk for the sufferer and if the blood is not checked and the person suffering from it If given, this serious disease such as AIDS and TB disease can increase the infection more.

Home remedy for hemophilia

Home remedies for hemophilia have been in place for a long time and people believe that due to the lack of medicines in the time of the ancients, people used home remedies to cure the disease.

  • Mix alum in 100 ml of water in equal quantity and heat it in a small amount and after cooling it, apply it on the severed part of the body, it will stop bleeding.
  • Make a paste of turmeric and neem leaf and apply it on the bleeding site, it will stop bleeding.
  • Patients suffering from hemophilia disease should treat the blood clotting protein with home remedies.
  • Apply white juice (milk) extracted from papaya to the bleeding site.
  • Protein and vitamin-rich food should be taken so that (the patient) does not form a blood clot, it can be used to fulfill the supply of that protein.
  • Strengthening immunity to treat hemophilia provides relief from disease.
  • A patient of Haemophilia, taking a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a glass of milk and consumed daily, strengthens the immunity and gives relief from Haemophilia disease.
  • Green vegetables such as spinach, radish, carrots, beans, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes should be consumed.
  • Patients with hemophilia should consume vitamin-rich fruits such as pomegranate, apple, orange, beet.

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