Fungal Infection Types, Symptoms & Home Remedies

Fungal Infection

Fungal infection can happen to anyone. It is usually a skin infection. Fungal infection then occurs. When external factors (fungi) attack the skin due to the presence of fungus in the soil, floors, trees, skin. Due to which the immune system present in the body is weak, due to which various types of symptoms appear on the skin due to fungal infection. Fungal infection Ringworm, itchy skin, redness, boils, red skin rash, skin lesions are all symptoms that appear on the skin due to fungal infection. Fungus-polluted places such as trees, plants, dirty clothes, floors or someone who has been previously infected with the fungus. If a healthy person comes in contact with him. So he too becomes suffering from fungal infection.

Symptoms of fungal infection

The symptoms of fungus on the skin of any part of the body can be seen in different forms.
1. Skin rash.
2. Itchy skin.
3. Having red rash.
4. Skin cracks.
5. Symptoms of mildew in the form of boils.
6. Peeling of the skin.
7. White and red pus of the skin.
8. Stiffness and pain in the affected area of skin.


Types of Fungal Infections

How does fungal infection affect the skin of the body part? It depends on the immunity of the skin and the rate at which the fungus makes its infection on the skin. Due to the different symptoms of fungus and their effect on the skin of different organs, the types are also different.

1. Athlete’s Foot
2. Ringworm
3. Yeast infection
4. Nail fungus
5. Fungus Infection of the Mouth
5. Ringworm fungal infection ( jock itch )


Cause of fungal infection

Fungal Infection: Due to the hot or cold of the environment, fungi grow rapidly. Which affect the skin in different ways according to the part of the body. There are other factors that cause fungus to affect the skin. Which way the body’s immunity is able to fight the fungus. During the rainy season, fungi grow more rapidly which affects the skin in different ways. It has a bad effect on the body directly through the way of the fungus fruit, floor, hands, food, mouth. Fungi grow anywhere according to the environmental conditions. And makes everyone sick. There are many causes of fungal infection. Which can have an effect on the skin in the following ways.

1. Weakened immune systems absorb fungi quickly.
2. Symptoms of the fungus in viral fever in the form of a red rash.
3. Overheating or cooling of the atmosphere.
4. Being sick for a longer period than a serious illness.
5. Sweat from working in the heat.
6. Exfoliation of the upper surface of the skin.
7. Discharge of pus in red rash.
8. Burning sensation due to peeling of skin due to sweating.
9. Due to itching, bleeding from the skin and affecting other skin of the body.

How to prevent fungal infection?

The following measures can be taken to prevent fungal infection. In which the following measures can be taken to make the lifestyle more harsh and prevent fungus.

1. Due to the sudden change of monsoon (humid and hot), the fungus grows rapidly.
2. Clean the floor of the house with an antibacterial.
3. Sanitize your hands or wash your hands thoroughly with soap.
4. During the rainy season, the fungus grows rapidly everywhere. So protect yourself during the rainy season.
5. In humid weather, take hot water and hot food.
6. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.
7. Don’t walk naked
8. Do not keep wet cloth and hair wet in rainy season.
9. Wear clean clothes.

10. Wash clothes with sweat with an alkaline base soap.
11. To increase immunity, take giloy or green tea.
12. Do not go to the toilet, bathroom and other places without slippers, the fungus grows rapidly.
13. Cut nails and keep hair healthy.
14. Do not eat the fruit without dusting it.
15. If someone in the family is suffering from fungus. So get treatment and keep distance from the diseased person.
15. Keep feet clean and dry.


Diagnosis of fungal infection

The part of the body affected by fungal infection, which is rapidly spreading the effect of the fungus to the skin, during this time the body’s immunity is not able to fight the fungus. Fungus Fungal skin disease in the form of many infections such as ringworm, itching, pus in the form of red rash on the skin, peeling of the upper surface of the skin and accompanied by itching, sores, all symptoms are seen as disease on the skin. can. During this, the doctor adopts different methods to diagnose all the diseases related to the skin.


Different skin tests can be used to diagnose fungal infection.

1. Blood test
Blood test how the fungus is infecting the skin. It can be diagnosed by looking for a variety of factors.


2. Imaging test
If the fungus is spreading rapidly in the internal part of the body. And It is doing its effect on the skin and the inner part. During this imaging test can be added to MRI, CT scan, X-ray imaging test. Diagnosis can rule out other factors along with the fungus.


Fungal Infection Home Remedies

Fungal is generally a common and common skin infection. The fungal infection infects you during that time. If you get a fungal disease due to contact with a person or because of the fungus being moist and excessive heat. And its effect on the skin is visible in the form of symptoms with various skin diseases. Fungus is like a common and simple disease. Fungal infection or fungus, its treatment as a home antibacterial which can be useful and beneficial in killing common borne fungus and calming the skin disease.

Home remedy for fungal infection

1. Turmeric to relief fungal infection

Turmeric is the best source of anti-bacterial and antioxidant. Home Remedies Paste (Turmeric) is used as a home remedy for bruising, pain relief, prevention from fungal or bacterial bacteria by making a simple paste of turmeric powder and applying it to the affected area. Drinking turmeric and milk increases immunity, and relieves pain, keeps from antibacterial (internal and external of the body), frees the face from acne and pimples, makes the skin moist and apply on the face by making a paste in the home remedy to increase beauty. . Turmeric prevents the anti-health factor in home remedy.


2. Neem is fungicidal and germicidal

Neem has many benefits in its home remedies. Its properties make the health even stronger. From the neem leaf to the root, everything is beneficial. And it disinfects and gives relief from fungal diseases. If neem leaves are consumed daily, then this disease resistance is strengthened. To cure all diseases caused by skin diseases, neem leaf home remedies help in prevention in different ways.

3. Get relief from garlic fungus

Garlic is the best source of antibacterial. Eating 3 to 4 cloves of garlic raw daily strengthens immunity. Garlic is more beneficial for the prevention of skin fungus. Grinding the garlic finely and applying the paste on the place affected by the fungus, if left for some time, there is more burning and pain in the skin. In such a situation, all the germs born from the fungus, the skin diseases, die. Garlic is more beneficial in fungal skin disease home remedy.


4. Aloe vera antifungal

Fungus causes many types of diseases in the skin. Aloe vera in home remedies is important in strengthening immunity and in curing and calming skin diseases. Aloe vera cures acne and skin blemishes. By applying aloe vera on the skin daily, the skin gets fairness and moisture. To cure fungal disease ringworm, itching, red rash and burning sensation, applying aloe vera pulp on the affected skin moistens the burning pain and wound. Applying regular aloe vera gel to the affected (on fungal skin disease) cures fungal skin disease.


5. Camphor and Mustard Oil

Camphor and mustard oil are more beneficial in home remedies. Home remedies Camphor and mustard oil are of greater importance for curing fungal skin diseases. Fungal skin diseases Ringworm, scabies, red rash, skin irritation, skin mildew, all types of fungal skin diseases To prevent and cure fungal skin diseases, applying camphor and mustard oil in home remedies on the affected skin disease is cured by applying camphor and mustard oil.


6. Relief from Giloy fungus infection

Giloy is more beneficial towards health in Ayurveda. Its mention is used in home remedies to cure many diseases. Giloy is considered to be the best and natural source of antibacterial and antioxidant. As a home remedy, drinking Giloy daily strengthens the immunity system. And the special thing is that Giloy is a hot species plant. Drinking which increases blood circulation. And all the properties of Giloy are more beneficial for the prevention of disease. Regular consumption of Giloy for the prevention of fungus internal and external factors of the body is beneficial for the prevention of all diseases.

7. Coconut oil in home remedies

Coconut oil is more beneficial for the treatment of fungal skin diseases. Fungus causes many different types of skin diseases. Treatment for skin diseases caused by fungus, coconut oil is more beneficial. Regular application of coconut oil as a home remedy on the skin affected by fungus cures fungal disease.

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