Foods to Help Relieve Stress


Stress can happen to anyone because the present day lifestyle and living habits have understood the cause of stress. Its mind pressure does not have to find opportunities for stress in one’s personal life or the work pressure of a colleague or a person suffering from illness or health. Rather it affects the mind like a disease. No, it can be fatal too.

Causes of stress

Stress varies from person to person & can be due to any reason and it is not necessary that one person should be stressed and the same should be the cause of other person’s stress. Stress has a negative effect on health and lifestyle and it happens to every person every day.


The Stress Causes

1. Stress due to illness.
2. Work.
3. Fighting tension.
4. Life partner stress.
5. Family problem.
6. Unemployment problem.


There are other causes of stress that can make a healthy person sick and even take him to a coma.


Symptoms of stress

The symptoms of stress are in some such activities and there are other causes of illness which can increase its symptoms. Which mainly includes such as –

1. Headache
2. Heart disease
3. Chest pain.
4. Nervousness.
5. Rapid heartbeat
6. The nervous system
7. Body pain
8. Negative impact (lifestyle)

In case of any of these symptoms, one should immediately contact the doctor. Because stress pushes towards a serious illness. Which has a negative effect on disease and health, lifestyle.


Foods to reduce stress

To reduce stress, such food items should be consumed which can help in controlling the level of hormone stress and prove to be helpful for health. In which the main food and fruits are included which reduce the increased level of stress and release it.


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1. Sweet potatoes to reduce stress

Sweet potato is rich in nutrients and carbohydrates. Which helps in reducing the level of stress hormone cortisol. It has been found in the study that if whole sweet potato is included in the breakfast continuously, then it helps in controlling obesity and reducing the increased stress hormones due to obesity. Sweet potato is a food item that is rich in potassium and other nutrients. And it is considered better to include it in home remedies for stress and diabetes patients.


2. Oats to reduce stress

To reduce stress, by including some such foods as breakfast (oats, oatmeal, whole grains of corn) helps in reducing stress hormones. Oats are a simple combination of several supplements. That can be taken in the morning for breakfast, which helps in controlling obesity and stress.


3. Avocado relieve stress

Avocado is one of the most suitable fruits to relieve stress. The avocado fruit helps in controlling and reducing the level of stress hormones. This fruit is a storehouse of mytochemicals, fiber and essential nutrients of omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado is one of the best fruits to reduce stress, blood pressure and obesity and can be included in the lifestyle.

4. Eat banana to reduce stress

A lot of nutrients and vitamins are found in abundance in banana. Vitamin B6 reduces stress and fatigue. Its properties reduce stress levels. Eating the fruit banana works to control physical activity that increases physical deficiency and stress.


5. Reduce stress vitamin foods

We get vitamins from food. Consuming some food and fruits, even vegetables, provides nutrients and essential minerals in abundance along with vitamins. Which are beneficial for physical gains and growth. Some vitamins reduce stress such as vitamin C, vitamin B, and supplements. Before taking all these nutrients without any reason, the doctor’s advice must be taken once. Because it is a stored form of an excess amount of substance, which can have a bad effect on the liver if consumed in excess.


6. Green leafy vegetable

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, fenugreek, cabbage are all rich in vitamins and folate. The hormone dopamine produces an effective brain stress reducing hormone called serotonin. Both these hormones improve your mood. and potassium, magnesium which regulates blood pressure and cortisol levels. Green leafy vegetable fulfills the lack of blood in the disease of anemia.


7. Eat egg

Eggs are considered the best source of vitamins, proteins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Immunity which helps in fighting any disease. Eggs have special properties that reduce stress. Which reduce the stress hormones produced in the brain. Choline helps to improve brain health and disturbances. Consuming more than one egg per day for physical health improves calorie and weight control.

8. Eat citrus fruits to relieve stress

Consuming citrus fruits at an interval of 2 days is effective to reduce stress. Studies have shown that if you consume citrus fruits, then it fulfills the deficiency of vitamin C and inhibits stress-producing hormones. People with the stress hormone cortisol were given continuous vitamin C supplements And some people who had stress problems were given fruits with vitamin C sources. The results of both were fine, but people who took the drug recovered quickly, while those with vitamin C took more days to reduce stress by consuming the fruit.


9. Reduce stress with black tea

Drinking black tea or tea without milk is considered to be the only successful treatment to get rid of the problem of stress quickly. The study that if a person drinks normal tea and gets relief from stressful life compared to black tea drinker. Whereas people who consume other beverages do not get complete relief even after taking more time to reduce stress. Black tea is a good source of immunity. And stress plays an important role in controlling the hormone cortisol.


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10. Relieve stress with yogurt

The easiest and simplest way to get rid of stress is by consuming curd. Studies have found that the probiotics in yogurt are beneficial to the bacteria of yogurt, which provide health benefits and protect against harmful pathogens. If yogurt is included during the meal every day, then the bacteria inhibit the hormones that increase stress.


11. Vitamin D rich food

Vitamin D source of sunlight. If there is a deficiency of vitamins, then along with stress, the risk of getting other types of disease increases. Vitamin D deficiency is responsible for anxiety and stress. According to the study, if sources of vitamin D such as milk, eggs, mushrooms, fatty fish, sunlight are considered a simple way to overcome stress and anxiety, using them in daily life.

12. Blueberries

Blueberries have many health benefits of their own. In which it is included to release stress. This fruit is rich in flavonoid antioxidants that can be included in home remedies for stress as well as inflammation and diabetes. The flavonoid content in blueberries inhibits stress-producing hormones and may help prevent anxiety.

13. Tahini sesame

Tahini sesame is an oil-producing white and chocolatey seed. Which is an excellent source of the amino acid L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is beneficial for reducing the symptoms of stress dopamine serotonin which increases stress. It was found from a study that if a person consumes less than 1 teaspoon sesame seeds daily, then it is considered the most surefire way to get rid of stress and anxiety.


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