Epilepsy symptoms, causes, prevention and home remedies


Epilepsy is a nervous system disorder. In which the person has repeated tremors of seizures. Epilepsy can make a person sick at any age, from a congenital disease. Epilepsy is one of the long lasting disease. This disease can be caused by the genes inherited from the parents. Epilepsy, seizures, fainting, confusion, dizziness, reduced thinking ability, high blood pressure due to cell activity in the brain. Due to the deterioration of the balance of the brain in the disease of epilepsy, it has often been happening to every person since time immemorial. The Epilepsy can occur at any age.

Its Epilepsy Worldwide, one person in every person suffers from this disease due to poor balance of the brain or due to injury to the brain. Epilepsy can be cured immediately after the first treatment of the disease. The treatment of this disease can go on for a long time. In this disease, most of the people from children to elderly people are more ill. Epilepsy can be cured by getting the right treatment for the disease.


Types of epilepsy

According to the deterioration of brain balance, how does it start its effect on which part of the brain. Accordingly, the type of epilepsy disease has been unclear.

Three primary types of seizures

  • Generalized seizures.
  • Focal seizures.
  • Unknown tour.

1. Generalized seizures

  • Tonic-clonic seizures
    This is one of the simplest types of generalized seizures.
  • Tonic seizures
    This type is rigid and the person can often fall anywhere.
  • Autonic tour
    In this type the person suddenly falls.

Symptoms of epilepsy

The main symptom of epilepsy is seizures. Symptoms of epilepsy can be seen differently in different people.

1. Focal tour

    • Dizziness.
    • Taste, smell, sight.
    • Feeling of tingling in the limbs.
    • Trembling in body part.

2. Complicated partial seizures

  • To be in a state of confusion.
  • Abnormal response.
  • Dizziness.
  • Repeating the same method over and over.
  • Lack of understanding

3. Generalized seizures

  • Sudden fall of a person.
  • Repetitive tremors in arms, legs and body.
  • Stiffness in the body, shakiness, reduction in loss of appetite.


Cause of epilepsy

The cause of epilepsy is not recognized in some people. Whereas by various symptoms it can be identified as the cause of epilepsy.

1. Head injury
Epilepsy caused by a blockage in brain development due to a head injury.


2. Infectious disease.
Epilepsy is caused by infectious disease. Such as – HIV (AIDS), brain tumor, stroke


3. Genetic effect
The epileptic disease, which has been passed down for generations, gives time to the type of epilepsy according to the felt seizures.

4. Brain development
The disease associated with epilepsy interferes with brain development. It can happen to everyone at that time. Lack of a source of abundantly absorbed food at the time when the baby is healthy in the womb. Malnutrition of the mother, lack of healthy food.


Complications of epilepsy

Complications of epilepsy are often health risks in addition to perpetuating the dangerous condition. This allows each individual to have complications according to the type of epilepsy they have.

1. Person falling
If you fall during the tour. So you get physical injury and bone fractures, serious complications in the body are like timing.

2. Accident
Due to feeling of epileptic seizures while driving a car or walking on the road, suddenly falling on the road or having a major accident in a car accident is not less than complications.


3. Drowning in the water
Epilepsy patient should protect himself from water pond and swimming. The complications of drowning due to epileptic seizures while bathing in water are time to severe symptoms.


Prevention of epilepsy

To prevent epilepsy, a person suffering from epilepsy should take care of the following things.
1. The person who has epileptic seizures is always at risk. Always stay away from them.
2. If there is a need to drive a car, a patient of epilepsy should drive by following the rules of driving.
3. It is necessary to take first aid in case of heart disease, blood pressure, asthma, epileptic seizures.
4. A person with epilepsy should consult a doctor.
5. The disease of epilepsy should be avoided by alcohol and smoking, drug abuse.
6. Mental stress and mental disorders should be avoided.
7. A person suffering from epilepsy should not miss out on good sleep.
8. Always adopt healthy food.

Epilepsy diagnosis

To diagnose epilepsy disease if the person is having a seizure. So the victim should adopt immediate awareness by taking time to act in clarity about the treatment and advice from the doctor on this subject at the earliest. To diagnose epilepsy, the doctor may order tests regarding the following test systems.

1. Blood test

  • Infectious diseases such as HIV (AIDS), screening for tumors.
  • Liver function is working properly or not.
  • Blood pressure (high or high)
  • Blood sugar level
  • Diagnosis of white blood cells
  • Ordering a test for fungal infections.

2. Imaging test
Diseases associated with brain disorders and factors that promote mental conditions, such as blockage of blood cells or tumor disease, often increase the risk of epileptic seizures. For this, the doctor may order imaging tests to help in the treatment of epilepsy.

1. City ​​scan
The factors closely associated with bones and blood cells are easier to understand than the images taken from a CT scan X-ray. CT scan helps to examine the patient closely to unexplain factors associated with epilepsy

2. MRI test – To closely examine all activity involving the brain. and simple procedure to aid in the treatment.
3. PET test – To closely examine the disease of the body.


Home remedies for epilepsy

1. Home remedies for epilepsy do yoga

Home Remedies for Epilepsy By adopting yoga, yoga is beneficial for keeping the body busy and reducing disease, strengthening the immune system, keeping the body healthy and curing epilepsy.
Doing yoga associated with epilepsy helps in prevention.

    • Balasana Yoga.
    • Trikonasana yoga.
    • Head Yoga.
    • Anulom-vilom Prayanaam.


2. Omega intake (fish)

For the treatment of epilepsy, getting omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins present in fish and other essential nutrients through fish present in the body. Consumption of fish can be taken regularly as medicine to strengthen immunity and prevent epilepsy.


3. Vitamin B6 source intake

Epilepsy is one of the rare diseases. If for the treatment of this disease, consuming foods and fruits containing vitamin B6 sources is beneficial for the treatment of epilepsy. Epilepsy, congenital or childhood malnutrition. Consuming a source of vitamin B6 is beneficial for the prevention of this disease.


4. Take a long rest

To cure any disease, it is very important to take long rest especially to reduce the condition of mental disorder. Rest is the easiest way to improve mental and physical condition and get rid of diseases. During treatment in epilepsy, if you take maximum rest. So it helps to reduce the symptoms of this disease gradually.

5. Benefits in epilepsy

Making a chutney of gooseberry leaves and eating it daily in epilepsy is beneficial. All those health qualities are present in Karonda. Which helps in preventing sudden seizures in epileptic disease. Eating one to two fruits of gooseberry daily is beneficial in epilepsy.


6. Onion gives relief from epilepsy

Onion home remedy for epilepsy. Grinding onion finely and mixing the juice with a glass of water and drinking it daily is beneficial in the prevention of epilepsy and in the treatment of all kinds of stomach related diseases. Onion as a medicinal in home remedies, it can be had in the form of vegetable, salad, juice with daily food.

Do not do this during epileptic seizures

1. Do not make the patient nervous in any way.
2. Do not put anything of any kind in the patient’s mouth.
3. Breathe the patient and lighten the clothes from the body.
4. Do not give any medicine of any kind.
5. First aid facility should be available.

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