Dry skin identified and home remedies

Dry skin

The skin color of a person’s beauty (female/male) is a staple of the beauty of his body. There are 4 types of skin, each person’s skin is on different basis. Somebody’s skin is dry, oily, mixed skin, normal skin. All types of skin enhances the appearance of every person in different ways and people care for this type of skin well but there are some skin that people It is more difficult to take care of such as dry skin and oily skin. Dry skin care of with home remedies. Before taking care of any type of skin, you are well aware of the skin

Before getting to know dry skin, we know about the layer of skin 


How many layers of skin

There are two types of skin layer

1. Epidermis – The skin outer layer survives by being connected to the cells of the inner layer. Survival of the outer layer does not have any external side effect on the Dermis and the inner skin is protected. There is no circulation of blood and cells in the outer layer, because the outer layer is connected to each other and protects the skin. The outer layer has tiny pores that drain the body’s residual material, and the outer layer blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays and provides protection against external germs, bacteria, and viruses. The outer layer takes care and protection from itself, which also protects the inner layer.

Dermis – Skin Below the outer layer is the dermis. The inner layer interconnects several cells and transmits blood. The medium of the inner layer excretes the residual material of the body and also excretes urea from the body.


Why are skin colors different?

Skin color is different for every people, behind it, a substance called melanin remains in the form of fluid, due to which the color is white skin and the color is black, which is the biggest reason for the presence of melanin fluid. If a person works in the sun for a long time, then the color of his melanin becomes darker, which makes him more black.

Skin type

1. Dry skin
2. Oily skin
3. Normal skin
4. All kinds of mixed skin

What is dry skin?

When the skin of a man or woman changes the color of the skin according to the weather it is called dry skin like – skin color is different (due to scratching), tearing of the skin, dandruff, dull skin, hardening of the skin.


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What causes dry skin?

Due to dry skin, the following types can be caused such as – lack of blood in the body, soap made from chemical substances, shampoo, face wash, and excessive consumption of all substances causes skin dryness. The cause of skin dryness is natural from the beginning.


1. Warm water 

In the cold season, excessive intake of warm water causes gradual erosion of the inner part of the skin and the outer part of the skin (the fluid that maintains the skin’s moisture).


2. Excessive cold

Dry skin is caused due to excess coldness due to excess coldness of the skin due to excess cold.


3. Soap

In any weather, excessive use of soap causes the skin to become dry due to non-removal of residual material from the skin due to covering of the outer skin follicles.


4. Element deficiency

Skin to be repair ingredients are needed to keep such as nutritious food, vitamins, protein, iron. If there is a deficiency of such elements then skin becomes the cause of dryness.


5. Bathing

In the summer season, prolonged bathing in the canal and reservoir causes dryness of the skin.


6. Care 

If it is a summer season or a winter season, if a person does not pay a little attention to the skin, then the skin color and skin dryness are the cause.


7. Sun rays

Working in excess sunlight causes ultraviolet rays from the sun rays, which have a bad effect on the skin, causing many types of problems on the skin such as – roughness of the skin, darkening of the skin, weak melanin All kinds of problems occur.


8. Old age 

If a person is more than 35 to 40 years of age, then there are many problems in his skin, such as – skin dryness, wrinkles on the skin, skin hardening can be due to all types.


What is the symptoms of dry skin?

Symptoms of dry skin can be of the following types.

1. Changes in skin tone due to scratches on the skin.
2. Hardening of the skin is a common symptom of dryness.
3. Skin hardening by touching the skin.
4. Symptoms of dry skin The skin looks different due to the lack of moisture and softness on the skin.
5. Skin rash is a symptom of skin dryness.
6. Skin tightness and darkening of the skin is the only symptom.
7. The skin is indistinguishable from the weather, causing dryness.


How to identify dry skin?

1. To identify dry skin, first of all, take a tissue paper and keep it on your skin for some time. If there is any type of stain and a change in skin tone, then your skin is dry.

2. Nail on the skin to identify dry skin, due to the (white) change in skin tone, your skin becomes hard and dry.

3. Dryness The skin dryness can be identified by using any type of cream or oily product on the skin due to its low absorption capacity.

4 Using a petroleum Vaseline or cream on hard skin makes the skin feel soft and after some time the skin is in the same position again, identifying the dryness of the skin.

5. In cold weather, using any kind of soap on the skin makes the skin appear hard and lifeless.


How to prevent dry skin?


1. Cold water

To protect against dry skin, use cold water and consume as much water as possible to keep moisture on the skin.


2. Sun rays

Sun rays emit ultraviolet rays which are harmful to the skin, so whenever sun exposure or going out of the house, use sunscreen on the skin or cover the skin and go out so that the skin But to be protected from the rays of the sun.


3. Yoga

Doing yoga keeps every person healthy and resistant to disease, so doing yoga for a person whose skin is hard and dry, relieves dryness.


4. Changes in diet

To remove dry skin, it is necessary to change the diet, so green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, milk should be consumed.


5. Skin Cream – Skin Cream Dryness can be prevented by taking a cream made of any petroleum substance to remove the skin.


Which soap to use for dry skin?

Which soap should be used to remove dry skin which is of the following types. People think that the use of soap makes the skin more firm and dry, which means that the use of soap makes the skin more dry and lifeless. Dry skin does not do anything with the use of some soap.


1. Dove soap

Dove soap prevent dry skin. Dove soap contains the following types of substances which are more helpful in removing dry skin and are different from other soaps. The use of Dove soap starts to affect the dry skin and this soap is best for removing dry skin and getting glow on the skin.


2. Nivea Soap

By using Nivea Soap, the effect starts on the skin immediately and glows on the skin and the skin becomes soft and soft. Nivea Soap is made from a variety of ingredients and this soap can be used for all skin types.


3. Himalaya Soap

Himalaya soap is a compound form of elements found in many types of nature. Himalaya soap is a specially formulated soap for all skin types and Himalaya soap is more effective for all skin types.


4. Biotique soap

Biotique soap is a group of elements found in a particular nature. This soap is specially formulated for all skin types. This soap starts its work on the skin by using Biotique soap for the first time. Biotique soap is specially designed for dry skin.


Face wash for dry skin

Today, due to the increasing pollution around the world, mankind itself is responsible for it because mankind has created many problems with nature, due to which there has been a lot of change in the weather, as in the summer season and the rainy season, this is the heat. The type is rainy in the cold season.

Today, many types of changes are taking place in the environment of nature, such as – due to increasing pollution, dust, smoke, excess heat all changes, the body of a person is not able to adapt to it according to the weather, which causes many types of problems in the person such as – Sickness of the person, skin disease, respiratory disease are all kinds of problems. The most common problem for mankind is skin dryness (skin dryness happens to every person in every season) skin dryness. To diagnose dry skin to continuously myupchaars.


The following types of face wash for dry skin

1. Nivea Face Wash.
2. Dove face wash.
3. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.
4. Mamaearth Ubtan Natural Face Wash. 
5. Himalaya herbals moisturizing aloe vera face wash.
6. WOW Skin Science Moroccan Argan Oil Foaming Face Wash.
7. Urban botanics face wash.


How to prevent dry skin in cold weather?

How to prevent the skin In cold weather, it is possible by following these tips.
This tips is more effective for all skin types and in cold weather the skin becomes dry and dryness lifeless due to which women/men face more problems.


Avoiding Dry Skin in Cold -:

1. Hot water 

In winter, skin color starts to weaken and the skin becomes lifeless and dry, due to increasing cold and some deficiency, the skin becomes black and dry. In order to protect the skin, in the morning and evening, with light lukewarm water on the skin, massage should be done with a light hand with the help of cotton, so that the skin becomes soft and the problem of dryness is overcome.


2. Aloe Vera Pack

Using Aloe Vera pack to protect against dry skin in the growing cold weather, you will overcome the problem of dry skin and lifeless skin.

Ingredients – (aloe Vera pack)
1. A spoonful of aloe Vera leaf juice.
2. Tomato juice one spoon.

Prepare the Aloe-Vera pack

To prepare the aloe Vera pack, first of all, mix lukewarm water in a vessel with a spoon of aloe Vera pulp and a teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it well. Prepare the aloe Vera pack, when ready, apply this paste with light hands on the skin. And after applying it, leave it for 5 minutes and then dust it with cold water, doing so will improve the skin and remove the dryness of the skin.


3. Milk and Saffron

Prepare a paste by mixing milk and saffron in equal quantity. Slowly apply the prepared paste on the skin after sitting in the sun and go for some time in a sun-cooled place. When the paste on the face becomes dry, dust it with cold water and dry it with the help of tissue paper. After drying, the results of milk and saffron begin to appear on the skin shortly after. (Increased skin whitening and skin dryness)


Best Cream for Dry Skin

The 7 best types of cream for dry skin using which have the following benefits on dry skin.

1. Pond’s cream

Pond’s cream All weather problems such as skin dryness, skin spots, pimples, skin dullness, all types of problems after the change of weather immediately or fast. Working in the skin causes many types of problems on the skin. Many types of creams are used to reduce all types of problems, but this results in nothing and the skin becomes more lifeless. How to use PONDS cream to reduce all this type of problem.


How to use POND’S Cream?

Before using PONDS cream, cleanse the skin thoroughly with pure water and after cleansing, dry the skin thoroughly with a tissue paper or cotton cloth and after drying, the PONDS cream peas like hands than apply it on the skin. Applying PONDS cream on the skin has many benefits.


Many benefits of POND’S cream

1. Use of PONDS cream keeps the moisture and softness on the skin at all times.
2. Skin dryness, skin spots, pimples, skin dullness.
3. Cures wrinkles and lost tenderness on the skin.
4. Daily use of Ponds Cream increases the glow and beauty skin.


2. Nivea Cream 

The product of Nivea Cream  and this cream for good quality and Nivea Cream moisturizer is available in high levels in market today. The following types of problems are overcome with the use of Nivea Cream and Nivea has several vitamins and a combination of cream prepared with oil and fragrance.


What are the benefits of Nivea Cream?

1. Softens skin and removes dryness of skin.
2. Shines on the face and keeps the skin beautiful.
3. Cures pimples on the skin.
4. This cream is beneficial for all skin types.
5. Oily removes skin.


3. Himalaya Skin Cream

Himalaya Skin Cream is made up of herbs found in a special nature. Himalaya Skin Cream It is formulated for all skin problems, skin moisturizers, skin nutrition, skin glow. Himalaya Skin Cream is for all skin types and it is available in a variety of reasonable rates in the market.


Benefits of Himalaya Skin Cream?

1. All skin types.
2. Its use does not cause any side effects on the skin.
3. Helps for skin in this way like – skin dryness problem, skin moisturizer, skin nutrition, skin glow is more effective for all types of problem.
4. Skin softening and wrinkles.
5. With aging, the skin becomes weak and thin, but the use of Himalaya Skin Cream cures this problem.


The best cream for dry skin

4. L’Oreal Cream.
5. Cetaphil Skin Cream.
6. Joy Honey Almond Face Cream.
7. Biotique Bio Creamy.
8. Rose moisture cream.


Home remedies for dry skin

For dry skin or for other skin problems, first of all people think that by taking home remedies, all types of skin problems are cured and there are no side effects on the skin, hence Home remedies are considered the best.
The best remedy for dry skin is home remedies which are of the following types.


1. Aloe Vera is beneficial to dry skin

Aloe Vera is considered to be the best for the prevention and treatment of dry skin, taking a piece of Aloe Vera and applying it on dry skin cures dry skin as well as stains and spots on the face.
Aloe Vera can be used on the face in all climates and it is effective for all skin types.


2. Honey is more beneficial for dry skin and lifeless skin

Honey can be used in every season (on the skin). There are many types of benefits of using honey on the skin, such as – skin dryness, skin softening, glowing on the skin, nail-pimples and all types of skin problems are cured with the use of honey.


3. Cream of milk removes shine and dryness on the skin

Mix 2 tablespoons of milk and one tablespoon of coconut oil thoroughly and apply it on the face and dry skin and leave the paste on the face for 10 minutes and then dust it with cold water, so that moisture on the skin and face But the brightness will increase.


4. Massage the almond oil on the skin to remove the dryness of the skin

Mixing both almond oil and one tablespoon of honey in equal quantity, applying it on the skin, removes the problem of softness and dryness of the skin and makes the skin glow.


5. Applying curd on the skin ends skin dryness

Applying curd on the skin ends skin dryness. Before using curd on the skin, wash the skin once with cold water. Doing this curd proves to be more effective.

Prepare a paste by mixing both yogurt and almond oil as required (same quantity) and apply the prepared paste on dry skin with light hands and wash it after 10 minutes with lukewarm water and thus dry twice a day. The skin will remain soft and moisture on the skin.


6. Coconut oil applied on the skin has many benefits

By mixing coconut oil and sunflower oil together, apply it on dry skin in the evening and sleeping on the skin becomes soft and removes dryness of the skin.




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