Diseases and affected organs & symptoms


Effect of lifestyle and environment in lifestyle, diet, yoga and exercise, cleanliness (cleanliness) are more important to follow to stay healthy in life. People are having a bad effect on the environment, due to which today they are suffering from various diseases and symptoms. In the present time, Corona virus has killed many people all over the world and many people have suffered and died.

List of diseases

1. Digestive System
2. Respiratory System
3. Eye disease
4. Ear diseases
5. Mouth Disease
6. Fever
7. Skin Disease
8. Sexual Disease
9. Gynaecology

1. Digestive system
Digestive system disease                                                Symptom
1. Jaundice Symptoms Loss of appetite, Yellowing of the skin, Fever, Body aches, Feeling tired.
2. Acidity Abdominal pain, Indigestion, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Restlessness, Constipation.
3. Diarrhoea Vomiting, Fatigue, Nausea, Abdominal pain, Cramps, Watery stools, Blood in stools
4. Stomatitis Sores, drooling, drooling, foul odor, lip sores, taste of food
5. Piles Hard lump around the anus, Stomach is not clear even after defecation.
6. Dysentery Abdominal pain accompanied by fever, shivering, vomiting, diarrhea, blood in the stool
7. Dyspepsia Loss of appetite, sour belching, burning in chest, heaviness in stomach, constant

2. Respiratory System
Respiratory System                                                    Symptom
1. Cough Chest pain, shortness of breath, sore throat, cough with phlegm, headache
2. Cold Headache, Watery eyes, Fatigue, Body ache, Watery nose, Cough
3. Pneumonia Mucus cough, Patient sweating and shivering with fever, Difficulty in breathing for the
4. Asthma Cough, tingling in breathing, chest pain, tiredness, nervousness


3. Eye Disease
Eye Disease                                                              Symptom
1. Glaucoma Blur or opacity in vision, nearsightedness in the elderly, Changes in the ability to see colors, glare
2. Night blindness Headache, Eye pain, Blurred vision, Sensitive to light, Trouble seeing distant objects
3. Black fungus Headache, burning sensation in the eyes, swelling, feeling around the nose
4. Conjunctivitis Red or pink appearance of one or both eyes. Burning or itching of eyes.
5. Uveitis Eye pain, Red eyes, Severe headache, Lump inside the eye

4. Ear diseases
Ear diseases                                                         Symptom
1. Ears out White, light yellow or brown discharge from the ear, discharge of fluid from the ear with
2. Ear Infection Pain, Fluid discharge from ear, Itching, Hearing loss
3. Ear cancer Pain, bleeding, hearing loss, pus discharge
4. Ear abscesses Pain, bleeding, hearing loss, tingling sound

5. Mouth Disease


Mouth Disease                                                           Symptom
1. Mouth ulcers ulcer, irritability
2. Scurvy Bleeding gums, Pain, Weakness, Fatigue, Chapped lips
3. Oral cancer White spots inside the mouth, Sores, Blisters, Halitosis, Change in voice, Hoarseness
4. Lump in mouth Halitosis, voice change, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, excess saliva or with blood
6. Fever 
Fever Disease                                      Symptom
1. Typhoid Fever Headache, fever up to 104 degrees, body aches, diarrhea and constipation, fatigue,
2. Malaria High fever 104 degrees, headache, sore throat, sweating, fatigue, restlessness, vomiting
3. Influenza Fever Sore throat, runny nose, headache, fever, sneezing, muscle pain
4. Viral Fever Headache, Joint pain, Redness of eyes, Very hot forehead, Vomiting and diarrhea, Cold and flu, Runny nose
5. Dengue  High fever, Headache, Severe muscle pain, Red eyes, Severe joint pain, Fatigue,

7. Skin Disease

Skin Disease                                                      Symptom
1. Leucoderma White spots on the skin mostly feet, face, hands, lips, Small white spots near the navel.
2. Acne Clogging of pores, small red bumps, pus filling in the nodules, big red cyst
3. Ring Worm Ringworm of the skin is red and round circles, itching, watery in herpes, burning.
4. Measles Dry cough, Itchy skin, Skin rash, Sore throat, Red rash, Irritability
5. Small Pox Fever, Fatigue, Loss of appetite, Body aches, Headache, Red spots on face and whole body
6. Leprosy Weak muscles, rash on the skin, numbness of finger tips, skin sores
7. Itch Red rash with itchy skin, watery rash, bleeding skin, allergic reactions
8. Dry Increased dryness of the skin, Decreased skin moisture, Hardening of the skin, Dandruff



8. Sexual Disease
Sexual Disease                                                           Symptom
1. Aids Sweating, Fatigue, Weight loss, High fever, Frequent diarrhea, Persistent cough, Swelling of.
2. Nightmares Pain from mental and physical stress, Masturbation, adult movies.
3. Premature(E) Premature ejaculation occurs within seconds or minutes of stimulation, Within 60 seconds after.
4.Masturbation Eye weakness, Hair fall, Impotence after life, Shrinkage of penis, curvature of the penis, low sperm
5. Impotence Problem in erectile dysfunction, low sexual desire, Person feeling depressed and anxious, having.


9. Gynaecology

1. Vaginal itching
2. Cessation of menstruation
3. Vaginal cramps
4. Vaginal sores
5. Pregnancy Diagnosis
6. Uterine pain
7. Nipples Cracked
8. Enlargement of breasts
9. Increase of milk in breasts


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