Diarrhea symptoms, causes, prevention and home remedies


Diarrhea is known by many names loose motion, is called diarrhoea. Anyone can get diarrheal disease. In this, the passage of stools like thin water continuously. This is caused by a viral or bacterial infection that spreads from person to person through feces. Disease is the bacterial infection born on food that damages the digestive power by eating it. Due to which frequent bowel movements like water cause diarrhea. The disease itself gets cured automatically. While some diarrheal infections can increase its symptoms due to the high rate of infection. The disease if not treated in time. So its infection and the person feels more symptoms. In which the main symptoms of diarrhea include blood loss with stool, weakness, dizziness, body pain, loss of appetite.

Diarrhea is then called chronic. When its symptoms last for 15 to 20 days. Diarrhea can be felt again and again due to some disease. Diarrhea can be felt for a long time due to intestinal infections, celiac disease, other diseases related to the digestive system.


What is the cause of diarrhea?

There are following cause for diarrhea, which include the main form.

1. Eating unhealthy food
2. Eat leftover food in the morning.
3. Eating outside causes diarrhea.
4. Consuming food without washing hands during rainy season.
5. Ingestion of the toilet by an infection caused by diarrhea.
6. By drinking contaminated water.
7. Pollution of the environment.
8. Decreased water level in the body.
9. Consuming more spicy and spice-free food for several days continuously.
10. Abandonment of cleanliness in lifestyle.
11. Diarrhea disease infection in the intestine.


Symptoms of diarrhea

The symptoms of diarrhea can be of many types.
1. Excess water loss through stool.
2. Vomiting diarrhea.
3. Dehydration.
4. Feeling of weakness in the body and symptoms of fever.
5. Feeling of excessive thirst.
6. Dizziness.
7. Feeling weak
8. Loss of appetite
9. Dry mouth and lips.

Prevention of diarrhea

Diarrhea can be due to many reasons. If it is necessary to know about any disease to prevent it. Or have you ever been treated for diarrhea? So according to the suggestion given by the doctor, the following measures can be taken to avoid diarrhea.

1. Diarrheal infections increase during the rainy season. Such hot water and cooked food should be consumed.
2. Do not eat open things like samosa, chowmein, pizza outside (market).
3. Wash hands.
4. From the toilet used by the person suffering from diarrheal infection.
5. Do not eat loose things because diarrheal infections grow rapidly.
6. Take full care of cleanliness around the house.
7. Drink warm and clean water.
8. Hands can be sanitized repeatedly to prevent diarrhea.


Cause of diarrhea in young child

There can be many reasons for diarrhea in a young child.


1. The cause of diarrhea in the child is by drinking milk from the mother’s sweat.
2. By drinking nipple milk for the baby. If the baby’s milk bottle is not cleaned properly, the bottle gets infected.
3. Children can aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea by drinking infected water.
4. If the mother consumes food without oil and spices, then the child will obviously suffer from diarrhea.
5. If the symptoms of diarrhea are obvious in the child, then immediately go to the doctor.

Its disadvantages of diarrhea

If you have diarrhea for the first time. Symptoms of physical illness increase.
1. Being dehydrated
2. Decreased urination
3. Smell from mouth
4. Dizziness.
5. Confusion
6. Weakness.
7. Feeling more tired
8. Headache and tingling in the legs.


Home remedies for diarrhea

1. Lemon and water diarrhea home remedies

The amount of acid in lemon is high. If cutting lemon in a glass of water, making a solution with water and drinking it on an empty stomach ends stomachache, diarrhea, acidity, all kinds of problems. Consuming this regularly for 2 consecutive times at an interval of 4-4 hours, it cures diarrheal disease.


2. Instant relief from diarrhea with curd and cumin, salt

Curd is more beneficial in home remedies. Yogurt contains bacteria. Which helps in stomach and health, weight loss, relief from dehydration. Mixing finely ground cumin, salt, green coriander in curd in a bowl of curd and drinking it, it provides relief in weight loss, relief from stomachache, and diarrhea. Consuming curd on an empty stomach helps in curing diarrheal disease.


3. Banana to give instant relief from diarrhea

As we all are well aware about the health of banana fruit. Vitamins, nutrients, more calories, fats present in banana are all found in reasonable amounts. It is more beneficial for health. In home remedies, mention of banana is considered more beneficial for curing diarrheal disease. Banana cures diarrhea completely in home remedies. Banana has that property which acts as a lap in stopping the stool coming out continuously with water in diarrhea. In diarrheal disease, eating 4 to 5 pieces on an empty stomach cures diarrheal disease.

4. Papaya gives relief from diarrheal disease

Papaya and banana have both those qualities. Which completely sticks to the disease of diarrhea like a bond. Papaya Raw or ripe papaya both are beneficial in curing diarrheal disease.


5. Salt, sugar, lemon and water solution to cure diarrhea

A solution of salt, sugar, lemon and water cures diarrhea. By making its solution as a home remedy and drinking it again and again, it provides relief from diarrheal disease. this solution relieves dehydration, reduces weight, increases energy in the body immediately, removes water loss in the body. The doctor advises you to get relief from diarrheal disease or stomach pain. Make a solution of salt, sugar, lemon and water and drink it again and again to get relief from diarrheal disease.


Diagnosis of diarrhea

Your doctor may ask you different questions to diagnose diarrhea. In which the history of medicine or the reason for suffering from diarrhea can be known. Diarrhea may order an examination of the anus and stool. The doctor may order the following tests to find out the cause of diarrhea. In which some of the main ones have been included.

1. Blood test

In diarrheal disease, blood test can be done to find out the exact cause of diarrhea. Indicates the amount of electrolytes (sodium and potassium) in the blood. Which can be used to find out the exact cause of diarrheal disease.

2. Stool test

A stool test is the easiest way to find out the exact cause of diarrheal disease. In severe cases of diarrhea can test the stool. To know whether the cause of diarrhea is any bacteria and not bacteria.


How to prevent diarrheal infection

Diarrhea is a bacterial and bacterial infection that can spread its bacteria from person to person. Diarrhea can be prevented from spreading by adopting different methods to stop them.

1. In diarrheal disease, there is frequent going for defecation. During this, hand wash with an alcohol base soap which contains 99.9% amount. Which helps prevent bacteria and bacteria.
2. Wash the toilet thoroughly after using it.
3. Hot water reduces the disease of diarrhea.
4. Took medicines from time to time.
5. Follow the instructions given by the doctor.
6. Sanitize hands before eating.

Take food in Diarrhea

1. Eat more cooked food
2. Eat hot food.
3. Do not eat food that is digested for a long time.
4. Do not eat spices and meat, fried food.
5. Do not eat the food of the day before.
6. Eat light food, tahri, lentils, banana, mango.

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