Cracked Heels Cause, Symptoms, Prevention, Remedies

Cracked Heels

Cracked or cracked heels occur when the skin under your heel becomes hard and dry. Heels often happen to people with dry skin in cold weather. People with dry skin have flaky and sharp pain with increased stiffness and cracks of the heel.

1. Often in cracked heels, the rate of infection increases most of the time when the person starts bleeding from the heel.

2. A cracked heel causes more severe pain due to pressure and rubbing against a solid material.

3. Stumbling on dust or any object between cracked heels can cause severe pain along with bleeding.

4. If a person has a problem like swelling, redness, stiffness, bleeding and infection in the heel of the foot for a long time, then during this time contact the doctor immediately and talk about it.

Symptoms of cracked heels

Dry skin is often a symptom of cold weather, accompanied by severe pain and swelling, and bleeding with pain from pressure and scratching on the side of the heel.

How severe can the symptoms of a heel crack be including major ones.

1. Bleeding with severe pain.
2. Appearing yellow with a thick crust and brown on the side of the heel.
3. Bleeding from the inner part of the heel.
4. Cracked heels feeling hard with a thick layer.
5. Distinguish from all the skin on the foot.
6. Severe pain and burning in the heel due to dust.
7. Sharp and dry pain due to peeling of cracked heel.
8. Severe pain when standing and walking.
9. Heel crack.

Cause of cracked heels

Heel cracks most often affect a person with diabetes. The intoxication of the foot of a diabetic patient always decreases, that is, the layer of the heel of the foot becomes thick and painful. Heel ulcers are serious when the risk of infection increases due to injury or pressure or due to bleeding.

There are various causes of heel cracking, in which many major factors are such that it always happens with some weather changes with a person with dry skin or due to injury or infection on dry skin (heel), which includes the following reasons for cracking of the heel. have been done.


1. Itching.
2. Fungus infection.
3. Arthritis.
4. Rheumatoid arthritis.
5. Psoriasis.
6. Dry skin.
7. Diabetic patient.

There are many tissues of the heel crack that increase the risk of infection by affecting the skin of the heel.

How to prevent cracked heels

Cracked heels often depend on your shoes and slippers. To prevent cracked heels, you should often wear slippers that are wide and soft with heels that do not cause any wear and movement in any way and support and cushion your heels.

Wearing open-heeled shoes and slippers can increase the risk of a heel crack that usually does not provide adequate heel support.
High, thin-heeled shoes, which can cause your heel to spread out to the side
Shoes that are too tight.


1. Wear soft socks to prevent cracking of the heels.
2. Avoid wearing thin, pointed and high-heeled shoes.
3. The heel of a diabetic patient cracks, so get it checked by a good doctor.
4. If you go out or go for a walk, then wear some soft socks for heels.
5. Any fluid to keep the heel soft.
6. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.
7. Use pumice stone after bathing a few times a week to prevent thickening of the skin.
8. To protect the heel of the foot from dust and injury, apply foaming soap.
9. To prevent infection from cracked heels, apply antiseptic medicine.

Complications of Cracked Heels

Complications of cracked heel often depend on whether you have done any treatment during the treatment and how deep the heel is full of wound and pain and in how many days it will be completely healed. If you forget all these factors and do not treat them deeply, then the wounds of the heel tend to grow deeper and towards infection and sometimes if it becomes deep like an ulcer which heals only after doing surgery.

Home remedies for cracked heels

Cracked Heels Cause, Symptoms, Prevention, Remedies
         Home remedies treatment
1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a blessed pure oil to keep the skin soft and naturally moisturized. After a few days, the cold weather is about to start, people have started shopping for coconut oil from now on to protect against dry skin. Dry skin starts showing its effect in cold weather, coconut oil is considered very well for people with dry skin. Coconut oil is just one example to prevent cracking of heels and use of it on the lips to prevent the skin from becoming soft and dry.


2. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is the best natural Ayurveda boon for hair and skin beauty. This aloe vera gel is in high demand at the time when the skin is dry and it is used for any infection or skin beautification. Beauty products made from pulp are often used on the skin to moisturize the skin and keep the skin beautiful. Apart from gel skin, hair, it is more beneficial for health. Aloe vera gel is used as a balm cream to moisturize chapped heels and lips.


3. Honey

Honey is sweet and healthy to eat, is used as a natural Ayurvedic medicine for skin, hair and health benefits and is also considered the best source of many vitamins and nutrients. It is used as a beauty product for dry skin and to bring beauty to the skin.

4. Milk cream

Cream obtained from milk is more viscous and rich in moisture. To get rid of dry skin, more viscous and fluid is required, which milk cream has all the properties that moisture-rich creams are used on the skin to treat dry skin. milk Cream can be easily used for the treatment of cracked heels and dry lips.

5. Curd

Curd is white in color and in its original form is viscous and rich in moisture properties. The process of breaking curd from milk is long and arduous, but in fact curd is sour to eat. And due to the interconnectedness of its particles, curd is rich in moisture and sticky.


6. Avocado oil

How avocado oil can be beneficial for the skin. Avocado is a botanical fruit that is full of pear-like properties and contains some of the same elements that include – carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E to protect your skin from harmful UV rays Helps and moisturizes.


7. Banana mask


Banana mask is one of the only home remedies to enhance the beauty of your dry skin and skin by making a face mask. Simple methods are adopted to make banana mask. First of all, mix the banana with a fine mixer and mix it properly with the help of a spoon and apply some saffron powder on dry skin, it provides relief.

8. Warm water

To remove dry skin, first take a little warm water and leave it on the cracked heel of the foot and then after 5 minutes have passed by rubbing it on the heel of your foot, it gets clean and dryness, relief from pain.


9. Lemon

Lemon is used in home remedies to remove dryness of the skin. Which are beneficial for health as well as skin. Rubbing a few drops of lemon in a little warm water removes the dry skin of cracked heels.


10. Other home remedies for cracked heels

1. Shea butter, to moisturize
2. Vinegar, to clean cracked heels.
3. Olive or vegetable oil, to moisturize
4. Banana, to moisturize
5. Paraffin wax, to lock in moisture.

When to see a doctor?

Due to cracked heels, the skin becomes dry and lifeless. It is serious when the heel is not taken care properly. And gradually the blood starts bleeding from the inner part of the skin. If during this time the cracked heel does not heal even after doing home remedies, then the cracked heel takes the form of ulcer. Which can be serious and risky to walk. Considering the serious risk or Complications of cracked heels, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

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