Cold symptoms, causes and home remedies

Common Cold

Common cold known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, hyperacidity. There can be many reasons for getting a cold. Colds are easily transmitted from person to person through viral infection. The cold most commonly affects the upper respiratory tract, and its symptoms can be clearly visible and felt throughout the body.

Common cold usually gets better in 7 to 10 days. Its symptoms can affect the respiratory system for a long time in the child and in the person who smokes.

There are many causes of common cold which are caused by the atmosphere and the viruses present among all of us. The most common cause is rhinovirus.

By contact with common nose and mouth caused by cold virus, virus, bacteria, it accumulates in the respiratory system and promotes cold-borne disease.


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What is a Common cold?

Common cold ( Rhinitis ) cold is caused by a respiratory infection and is spread through person-to-person contact. Rhinovirus infection is the most common cause of colds. In a person suffering from cold, its symptoms are visible after 2 to three days.


Common cold symptoms

1. Common cold Nasal symptoms include.
2. Common cold body symptoms include.
3. Top symptoms include the common cold.

1. Common cold Nasal symptoms include 

1. Watery nose.
2. Nose closure.
3. Crust in the nose.
4. Difficulty in breathing.
5. Inability to recognize the smell.
6. sneezing
7. Bad nose


2. Common cold body symptoms include
1. Body Pain
2. Fever
3. Chest Pain
4. Shortness of breath
5. Feeling cold.


3. Top symptoms include the common cold

1. Headache
2. Watery eyes
3. Cough and Headache
4. Eye Irritation
5. eye red
6. Eye Pain
7. Voice Changes


What is the cause of cold?

Colds are caused by infection. Although there are many reasons for getting a cold, but in the current situation, the reason for having a cold is included in the symptoms of a serious disease going on at present. The common cold has long been involved in causing some common or serious illness. The cause of a cold can be a general or a sign or symptom of a serious illness.

A cold is a common cause or a serious illness
1. Removal of toxins from the body common cold ( 25% normal )
2. Corona Virus ( 70 to 80% )
3. Bird Flu
4. Fever (high temperature)
5. Swine Flu
6. TB
7. Asthma


How to prevention cold?

The following measures should be taken to prevent the spread of cold.

1. Cover your mouth sneezing or coughing.
2. After using the tissue paper, keep it in the dustbin.
3. Wash your hands with soap.
4. If you have a cold, keep yourself away from all people (because this virus spreads through contact with each other).
5. Use a face mask when you have a cold.
6. Consume hot beverages.
7. Giloy is more beneficial for cold, take it.
8. Cold viruses are often present on the hands when coughing and sneezing, to prevent it from spreading, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
9. To reduce the aggravation of cold, take hot water and juice made from fish.
10. Stay at home if you have a cold.


Difference between cold symptoms of corona virus and swine flu

The first symptoms of cold and corona virus and swine flu are similar, as time progresses, its symptoms may change. The common cold is a health process of removing toxic (harmful substances enough to make you sick) from the body. If a cold occurs even after 1 week to 10 days, then it can be a symptom of serious illness. Cold can be a symptom of which serious disease, let us know its difference in detail and prevent from suffering from serious illness.


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   Cold symptoms    Corona virus       Swine flu
1. Symptoms of cold are less visible on the first day. Corona virus has similar symptoms to it. Swine flu virus is transmitted through the nose and mouth or through contact with the infected person. In the beginning, the symptoms of everyone are the same (seemingly).
2. Infection cold Corona virus infection cold Swine virus infection cold
3. common cold severe cold A little less serious
4. Common cold can spread from 1 person to 5 people (the ability of common cold) by becoming active in its virus. The ability of the corona virus to spread from person to person is more rapid. The swine flu virus is enough to spread from one person to the whole family.
5. Common cold is cured by taking home remedies in 7 to 10 days. The cold of corona virus lasts longer. The effect of the medicine gets cured in 15 to 20 days.

Duration of common cold

It is natural for any person to have a cold 2 to 3 times in a year. The symptoms of a cold occur 3 to many times in another person. Common cold is not the cause of any serious illness, it is a process to remove the accumulated toxins from the body. There are other reasons for having a cold, read from here (
If a cold occurs in a person for more than 10 days, then it is a symptom and sign of a serious illness. If the cold lasts for more than 10 days, then do not ignore it, contact the doctor immediately, whether it is a present-day epidemic disease corona virus.
A cold can be a sign of a serious illness.


Why does a cold happen?

It is considered good in medical language to have a cold.
All of us have already known about cold that why cold occurs. Colds About a year in a person, due to some reason or change in the weather, the virus of colds flourishes in a person. If a cold lasts more than 10 days, then it can be a sign or cause of some serious illness. Symptoms range from a 6-month-old child to an older person. Cold is the removal of harmful substances present in the body from the body. Other causes of cold.


Cold diagnosis

You can diagnose a cold on your own and there is no need to go to the doctor during this time.
Symptoms of a cold become vague after 1 to 2 days that the cold is increasing. The cold virus is enough to bother you with its symptoms on this day. Common cold gets better in 10 days. If a cold lasts more than 10 days, it can be a sign and symptom of a serious illness, during which you may need a doctor to diagnose.


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Having a cold is a process of removing the toxins present in the body and is an initiative in making the body disease free for a long time. If the cold lasts for a long time and is frequent, then it is helping you to be aware of some serious disease. During this time you should be alert and alert about it. Cold can be the cause of some serious illness such as – corona virus, bird flu, swine flu, strep throat.


Cold symptoms children

The symptoms of a cold in a newborn to 5 years of age are slightly more severe than in an adult because the child’s physical development is taking place at this time. Colds often occur in children during the cold season. In a newborn and a child suffering from cold, its symptoms can be of the following types. The symptoms of a cold are more painful than in adults.

1. Clogged nose.
2. Pressure on the sinuses.
3. Chest pain.
4. Cough.
5. Vomiting
6. Changes in breathing rate.
7. Frequent sneezing.
8. Watery eyes.
9. Crying over and over again.
10. Feeling of cold.
11. Mild fever.
12. Shortness of breath.


Home remedies for Children cold

1. Heat the garlic and mustard oil on a low flame. When it becomes hot, massage the child with light hands on the chest and soles of the feet, it provides relief from cold and benefits for bones.

2. Heat ajwain and mustard oil, garlic by mixing all three. When it becomes hot, massage the foot of the child 3-4 times a day.

3. Prepare a paste by adding saffron to water. Once the paste is ready, apply it on the chest and forehead of the children. Children will be greatly relieved.

4. If children have cold and nasal congestion, then do not be careless, take it to the doctor immediately and consult a doctor.

5. Mix one drop of ginger and honey and lick it, it will get relief from cold.


What are the benefits of having a cold?

1. The advantage of having a cold is that the residual (dirt) material from your body comes out through the nose and sneeze, due to which you do not have a fatal risk of any major disease.
2. If you are getting cold and cold 3 times in 1 year then you will not get jaundice disease.
3. Your blood remains clean and clear from cold.
4. There will be relief from acne and itching in the skin.
5. Gets rid of body odor.
6. Be aware of a serious illness.
7. Colds to Prevent Severe Illness.


Lifestyle alert towards colds

Your lifestyle towards cold should be in such a way that it helps to prevent the cold from progressing.


1. Colds often occur in cold weather. You should not take a bath on this day to prevent cold.
2. Do not stay in hot environment.
3. Do not live in A.C.
4. Avoid dust and pollution air.
5. Consuming more hot water is the only best way to reduce cold.
6. Consume fruits and food containing vitamin C and vitamin D.
7. Eat hot food items.


Avoiding cold

1. Do not consume ice cream, cold drinks, curd.
2. Do not consume cold water.
3. Do not eat oily food and snacks.
4. Do not consume juice made from ice.
5. Do not consume radish as it promotes cough.


Home remedies for cold

Home remedies are the best remedies to cure a cold.


1. Hot water – To cure cold, you should take hot water. Drinking warm water removes the symptoms of cold and cough.


2. Tulsi tea – 5 to 6 basil leaves and jaggery, ginger tea made from it is more beneficial for cold and cough. For cold, it is to be consumed 2 to 3 times a day.


3. Milk Turmeric – Milk and turmeric, calcium, vitamins, nutrients are all found in abundance in milk. Milk turmeric is consumed to increase immunity. Turmeric has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Mixing jaggery, turmeric and milk together and drinking it 2 to 3 times a day gives 60% relief from cold, cough, body ache, fever, cancer.


4. Ginger honey – Taking ginger and honey together ends cold and cough. Grind ginger finely and mix one spoon of honey in it and eat it thrice a day, it provides relief from cold and cough.


5. Mustard oil, Garlic, Ajwain – Heat mustard oil and 5 cloves of garlic together on low flame and massage it on the body in the sun, it provides relief from cold-cough, body ache. Use this recipe twice a day.


6. Salt water – Cough and cold, sore throat. A cold makes it more difficult to speak and breathe. To overcome this problem, add 2 pinches of salt in a glass of water a day and drink it and gargle with it.


7. Tea – Making tea by adding 3 leaves of ginger, black pepper, cardamom and basil gives great relief in cold and cough. Tea can be consumed 3 to 4 times a day. Consumption of green tea does not have any bad effect on the body.


8. Liquorice – Liquorice is sweet in taste. If you chew Liquorice all three times a day, you will get relief in cold and cough.


9. Fish –  Fish, if you are getting troubled again and again due to cold, then take it twice a day like tea and get relief from all colds. Many vitamins and omega nutrients are found in abundance in fish. Fish is the best source of vitamin D.


10. Eggs – To get rid of cold and cough, you can boil a native egg obtained from a chicken and eat it at bedtime to get relief in cold.


11. Potato – By eating roasted potatoes, relief from cold and cough.


12. Vicks – By putting Vicks in hot water and taking the steam coming out of it, relief from cold.


FAQs Related Common Cold

1. Is a cold symptom a cause of some serious illness?

Ans. Symptoms of a cold can be the cause of some serious illness. A common cold occurs several times in a year to a normal person and gets cured in a few days.


2. Can colds be treated with home remedies?

Ans. Yes cold is cured with home remedies.


3. In how many days does a cold get better?

Ans.  A cold usually gets better in 10 to 15 days.


4. Common symptoms include cold.

Ans.  Symptoms of a cold – headache, body ache, runny nose, sore throat.

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