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Chapped lips

The problem of chapped lips often occurs many times in a year and this problem happens to every person. Dry lips often reduce your beauty. The cause of chapped lips is often seen due to the changes in the weather and lifestyle, and using beauty cream the lips reduces the moisture and beauty to lips. There are other reasons for dry lips, in which vitamin deficiency is also responsible and lack of water in the body.

Dry lips are often the reason for cracking due to lack of feeling of moisture. In view of the problem of dry lips, by getting proper information about home remedies in this article, you can get chapped lips and make it soft and beautiful.


Symptoms of chapped lips

1. Pain
2. Wound
3. Bleeding
4. Cracks
5. Swelling
6. Wound
7. Scaly
8. Flaky
9. Ddryness

Cause of chapped lips

1. The fluid of the lips that keeps them moist for a long time, if it is over for some time, then the lips become dry.
2. The dryness of the air occurs in the season responsible for the moisture of the lips.
3. Often due to lack of moisture in the cold weather, the lips start cracking due to dryness.
4. The lack of moisture constantly licking the lips with the tongue.


Risk factors for chapped lips

The reason for chapped lips is always dryness of the skin. Or if there is a lack of vitamins, the lips start cracking or in the treatment of any disease (fever), the lips start cracking.

1. Dehydration.
2. Vitamin A.
3. Lithium.
4. Chemotherapy drugs.
5. Vitamin C Deficiency.


How to prevent chapped lips

Many people’s lips start cracking due to dryness. Or because of increasing the risk of cracking of the lips or increasing the risk, the lips often start cracking. There are various measures you can take to treat or prevent chapped lips.

1. Lip Care

If the lips are taken care of in time, the cracking of the lips can be prevented, that is, the use of lubricant cream on the skin to protect the lips from cold weather can be avoided.


2. Avoid smoking

Always the moisture of the lips starts bursting due to smoking. This is because smoking leads to dry mouth and loss of water.


3. Drink water

Feeling the lack of water, the mouth always starts drying and during this time the tongue starts licking the lips, the moisture of the lips starts decreasing due to which the lips start cracking and drying. To prevent chapped lips, drink more water, which can also remove dehydration of the body.


4. Avoid beauty products

Often people use the beauty product available in the market to make the lips beautiful and soft, the moisture of the lips starts decreasing, which is the main reason for chapped and dry lips. Avoid using chemical-rich beauty products on the lips. You can adopt home remedies for soft and beautiful lips.


5. Licking the lips with the tongue often leads to dryness of the moisture of the lips, which leads to cracking.


Home remedies for dry lips & chapped lips


Home remedies for chapped lips are being used for a long time. Most of the household ingredients are available which prove to be helpful in the treatment of chapped lips. To provide moisture to keep the skin cracked and soft, there are many ingredients that do their full contribution in taking care of the skin without damaging the lips. Homemade Good Moisturizer can also work as a remedy for chapped lips, it is effective only if it is used continuously on the lips.

1. Coconut oil home remedies for chapped lips

Its use in coconut oil home remedies has proved to be more effective for chapped lips and healing wounds. Coconut oil has its properties to soothe and moisturize chapped lips. Coconut oil can be used on chapped or chapped lips. It is not harmful to the skin of the lips in any way, but contributes to keeping the skin soft and moist.


2. Honey for chapped lips

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips Using Honey It has the general property of soothing and locking out moisture. Honey has the best complement of antibacterial and antioxidants which are widely used in home remedies and has always been used for home remedies as its medicinal properties make it even better among other home remedies. Using honey twice a day as a home remedy for chapped lips helps to soothe and soften chapped lips.


3. Aloe vera for chapped lips

Aloe vera has a high moisture content and used in home remedies for chapped lips, the white pulp present in its leaf is particularly liquid and rich in moisture. Not only this, aloe vera has antibacterial and many properties. Aloe vera has an important role in protecting the skin from germs and external harmful substances. To use it, removing the white pulp and applying it on the skin enhances the beauty of the skin and by applying on the chapped lips, the skin dries and locks the moisture for several hours.


4. Almond oil home remedies for chapped lips

Almonds are rich in nutrients in food, which are eaten soaked. Along with almond health, its oil has been used for many years for hair growth and skin beauty. Almond oil has emollient properties that protect the skin by absorbing it. Using it on chapped and dry lips repairs the skin and locks the moisture for several hours.

5. Cucumber repair dry lips

Cucumber is used in home remedies to remove dehydration for body health and high water content, Which can be eaten in summer days to prevent dehydration, its juice, salad and anyway to protect against heat and keep body temperature under control and eaten during the summer season to prevent chapped lips and it is a very simple remedy to hydrate the lips. Applying cucumber on dry lips gets rid of chapped lips.


6. Cooked rice water

1. Cooked rice water has a high lubricant content.
2. Lubricant helps the skin to prevent external harmful substances.
3. Viscous and full of fluid.
4. It is used as a lip balm to soothe chapped and dry lips.
5. Beauty of the skin, make a paste and apply it on the face.
6. Locks the moisture of the skin.


7. Home Remedies for Chapped Lips Cream of Milk

Milk is rich in calcium, vitamins and nutrients. It is more useful for health. It is drinking milk to increase immunity. The process of making curd from milk works on a chemical reaction. Milk cream contains more lubricant and viscous fluid, which when applied on the skin with gram flour, enhances the beauty of the skin, not only this, to soothe the chapped lips, use it on the lips at night while sleeping on the chapped lips.

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