Celebrate Valentine’s Day 14 February 2022

Valentine’s Day

This is the biggest festival of romantic love day on 14th Feb. Many people love to love their life partner on this day or angry husband and wife love each other on this day, and there is no festival and both BOY and GIRLS school and college students love each other. Understanding this, he also expresses his love on this day. On February 14, someone expresses his love by giving flowers and cards. And husband and wife book a hotel and express their love there overnight. If said, then this day is the biggest day and festival of love and the whole world celebrates it with great pomp, and promote their love?


What is the symbol of Valentine’s Day?

The symbol of Valentine’s Day, how Christians first expressed their love in a better way, then an idea came in their mind that why not make red and pink color the best to deepen our love. Why not consider it as a symbol of our love and with this we have accepted flower, chocolate, heart, red rose as our symbol. The symbol of Valentine’s Day continues even today and the whole world believes in it. Is there any public holiday on Valentine’s Day?


Many countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, but on this day there is no public holiday in the calendar, on the same day as every school, medical college, general store, government employees are at work on this day by your scheduled time. Go too Offices, government institutions remain open at their scheduled times.


Valentines day celebrate world

Which countries express their love on Valentine’s Day, let us know, first of all we will talk about western countries- Britain, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Turkey. Center and South Countries – South America, Brazil, Venezuela. Many states of Asia – China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, India, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, people of all states express their love on Valentine’s Day.


Journey from Rose Day to Valentine’s Day
1.  Rose Day                  7th –  Monday         2022 Feb
2.  Propose Day                  8th –  Tuesday         2022 Feb
3.  Chocolate Day                  9th –  Wednesday         2022 Feb
4.  Teddy Day                  10th – Thursday         2022 Feb
5.  Promise Day                  11th – Friday         2022 Feb
6.  Hug day                  12th – Saturday         2022 Feb
7. Kiss Day                  13th – Sat         2022 Feb
8. Valentine Day                  14th – Sun         2022 Feb


Rose Day

The first journey of expressing love on Valentine’s Day starts from this. Let us know how important the first day of love is for all of us, like every year, after the cold has passed, now it starts in the first week of February, the world’s biggest Valentine’s Day if we say love There is no biggest festival to celebrate and better than this. Because in this month the whole country has the freedom to express your love.



It takes a month to fall in love, so let’s start our love story with Rose Day, the first day of Valentine’s Day begins with Rose Day, in which boys and girls first understand each other, then their love To express first friendship, then deepen friendship, give rose i.e. red rose which is considered a symbol of love.


Propose Day

Propose Day is on 8th -Tuesday of February. On this day, the lover proposes to his girlfriend by giving her various types of gifts or flowers. Boyfriend tells his girlfriend what is in his mind, by giving a gift and the girlfriend also accepts it, sometimes you must have heard and seen that most of the boys propose girls only, but this There is no need, here anyone can propose anyone. If a girl has that, GF (Girl Friend), BF (Boy Friend), or someone else.


Do think once before proposing because do not propose anyone without thinking, otherwise all the loving slander will come out. Now a question comes in the mind that if you do not propose at this time, then you will have to repent for the rest of your life, what to do now? If you want to propose someone then it is very important in you to have confidence in yourself, and to understand well about the girl whether she likes me or not or loves someone else, and You also have to remove the fear in you, so that you can speak to him. It is very important that if you cannot speak then you cannot do anything. So don’t even think of proposing.


Propose Day
Propose  Day


Chocolate Day

After Propose Day, now 9-Wednesday 2020 is Chocolate Day. But this time the bad news for you is that it is Sunday on Valentine’s Day, which has become a problem for you, whether you are your GF, BF or anyone else, this time you cannot go to college. So how will you celebrate, it has become difficult for you, if you fall in love then this time also your chocolate day will not go like this and you should not even go because I am also with you, and if you do not feed chocolate, then hug You have no right. I am not saying so. It will say your GF, BF. You can surprise them on the day of Chocolate Day. If you are going to make chocolate, then you are not coming, then it does not matter, you can pack it from the market and give it.

Chocolate Day
Chocolate Day
Teddy Day

The fourth day of Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on 10th Thursday. Which we know as Teddy Day. On this day the whole world celebrates special day as TEDDY DAY to your girl friends to double your love. On this day husband can gift his wife. To make it better, their love is expressed by giving teddy. Teddy gift girl is also very much liked, and she becomes even more happy after getting this gift. Boys give gifts to make their love memorable. And it is believed that when girls sleep with this soft teddy near them, dreams come very well at night, and the whole day is also good. And girls also think that my boyfriend is with me after getting a teddy, what happens if you give teddy once to your girl friends, not just any girl. Girls will never refuse that I do not want this.


Teddy Day

Promise Day

The 5th day of Valentine’s Day which will be celebrated as Promise Day on Friday, 11th February. On this day, the whole world considers the promise of Valentine’s Day even better. And for everyone, the day is the most important day because the lover vows to live and die together with his girlfriend, which is important for both of them, and it is not necessary that the lover should make these promises to his lover, something like this No, any promise can be done with anyone.



Like a brother can promise his sister, son his mother, husband his wife, and everyone can promise each other. If you are promising then you have to fulfill it. Otherwise, the person you are promising will get angry with you. Promising thoughtfully, now we all will know why we make promises. Lovers do this to make their girlfriend believe, that the lover does not cheat me and does not leave me anywhere and both want to spend with each other in happiness and sorrow, that is why it is promised.


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Hug day

Hug Day is the sixth day of Valentine’s Day which will be celebrated on Saturday 12th February. On this day the whole world considers Hug Day to bring their love closer. On this day the lover wants to bring love very close by embracing his girlfriend, both of them have only love for each other and on this day all express their love with great pomp and believe.


hug day
Hug day


If you are your first love and want to celebrate HUG DAY with your girl friend then why would you think, say, speak, if you don’t know then we will tell. What you have to do is first take care of your heartbeat as it is beating so fast that it would explain why HUG Day did not come earlier. I would have made a love hug day. Wait sir, nothing like that. What are you thinking, if you do not love, then you will not get this chance before marriage, so love and hug as much as you want, no one will say anything.


Kiss Day

Kiss Day is the 7th day of Valentine’s Day, which will be celebrated on Saturn 13th of February, which is very well celebrated all over the country. In America, on the day of KISS day, lovers hug each other on the second day after KISS, believing that, there was no such thing in India before. Slowly it has become an important part of India which believes in even better way.


Valentine’s Day is the best day that kiss and hug each other, so that awaken all the desires inside them and make them heart to do something else. Due to which both have a desire to have a physical relationship with a new passion. And make love even better. Couple do KISS to make their love more romantic which leads to a fresh start in their love and when they kiss.


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the 8th day and the last day of Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 14th February. Do you know why it is celebrated? A question came in the mind of all the people that why Valentine’s Day is celebrated, so let’s know and also consider your love as Valentine’s Day. Everyone believes in Valentines. He had a man named Saint Valentine.

Valentine story

This story is of a king of 3rd century and the king’s name was Claudius, the king was very strict. The king thought that one soldier was married and the other was unmarried, the difference between the two being that the one who was married had all his attention on his entire family, which makes it even more difficult for him to work. So the king thought that why not all the people have been ordered not to get married, all the people can’t even refuse to obey and can’t even protest, what to do now.


Everyone thought, and there Saint Valentine did not like this thing at all. And it was not seen from him that they started marrying those who were worthy of marriage, they got many such marriages done and later the king came to know about this, then the king called Saint Valentine and sentenced him to death. Heard. Died, and put in jail, and his death also said that you will die on February 14. Days passed like this slowly.


And one day the jailer had a daughter which she could not see, the jailer thought that Saint Valentine has some power which can cure any disease, so the jailer took his daughter to Saint Valentine and there the saint Free her by holding the girl’s hand.


And he began to see, then fell in love with Saint Valentine, they fell in love with each other very much, the jailer thought that there were very few days left, he would be hanged, then only one day was left, then the saint Valentine took his girlfriend, wrote him a letter and his girlfriend read the letter, then after reading everything wrote that your Valentine, and from that day on February 14, Valentine is celebrated.


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