What is the cause and prevention of cataract symptoms?


Cataract Overview

The cause of cataract disease is due to the weakening of the body’s resistance with increasing age and it is believed to be due to some reason on the eye or due to brain injury. In cataract disease, the sight of the eye and the appearance of blurring, the sight of any object at the same time is considered to be a symptom of cataract. To know about cataract in detail, you must read this article till the end. Cataract patients are suffering from this disease on a large scale in India other than India.

A view on the structure of the eye

Before knowing about cataracts, let us look at eye sight once. The eye acts like a camera, when any object or light comes in contact with the eye, it sends the message to the retina of the eye where an image is formed on the retina and the same image is sent to the brain by the cells of the eye where the brain Within a few seconds, he comes to know that the thing I am seeing can be anything. With the increasing age in the eye, some such elements like proteins become interconnected and cause cataract disease. Or the cause of cataract may be due to lack of elements in the body or cataract due to eye injury.

Learn more about cataracts ( gov nih https://www.nei.nih.gov/learn-about-eye-health/eye-conditions-and-diseases/cataracts )

The black part of the eye is called cornea. The image of any object taken from the cornea, the black part of the eye, goes directly to the inner retina of the eye and then sends a message to the brain through the cells directly connected to the retina where it is known to the brain in a few seconds. It is done and the object is immediately recognized. When the object is unable to see it, it is called refractive, and the image formed on the retina is never in front of the retina or after the retina so that the object does not look right.

What is a Cataract?

Cataract occurs when there is a thick cloud over your eye lens and you cannot see anything except that blur is called cataract.


Due to the fragmentation of the protein present in the cataract eye, it becomes a white thick cloud just in front of the cornea, due to which any object appears blurred or less visible is called cataract.

What is the cause of cataract?

The cause of cataracts increases as a person grows old, at the same time, a protein sheet becomes cloudy just in front of the cornea of ​​the eye, causing the eye to become blurred or less visible. There is no concrete confirmation as to why cataracts occur in old age but many countries are still doing research on it. Some experts confirm that the reason for cataract is as follows.

Cataracts may cause the following types.

1. Eye injury

Cataract is a serious disease for the eye, due to eye injury, as the age increases, the cause of cataract begins to appear.

2. Genetic

If someone in your family has been suffering from cataracts for a long time and it now happens to someone else in the same family, then it is certain that this disease can also be caused to you, so cataracts are considered the cause of genetic.

3. Smoking

4. Diabetes

If you have been suffering from diabetes for a long time, then you are at increased risk of getting many types of disease such as – cataract, blood pressure, mental stress etc.

5. Radiation therapy

According to medical history, if you are treated with radiation therapy in the future, then in the coming time it may cause cataract.

6. Alcohol

This research has recently claimed by an Italian expert that drinking alcohol causes many diseases including cataract. ( Alcohol causes cataract )

7. Eye surgery

Eye surgery is when you do not see any object clearly, so there is an eye surgery or there may be other reasons. If the eye surgery is done earlier then it is obvious that it may be the cause of cataract later.

8. Brain injury

Cataracts in the eye are caused by brain injury because the cells that attach to the retina are directly attached to the brain causing an injury to the brain to cause blurring of the eye that subsequently causes cataracts.

9. Ultraviolet radiation ( UV radiation )

When ultraviolet radiation comes into direct eye contact. Ultraviolet radiation leaves its side effect on the eye due to which it is less visible than the eye and due to its treatment it causes cataract.

Types of cataract

There are different types of cataracts, based on what they react to the eye, they have been named after them. Which are the following types.

1. Nuclear cataract

The most prominent type of cataract is nuclear cataract. This cataract occurs in older people. In the first type of nuclear cataract, It is similar to the patient. The nuclear cataract is formed in the middle of the eye and is round in shape and right in front of the lens, during which time the eye is blurred and less visible.

2. Cortical Cataract

Cortical Cataract If a person is on the most edge of the eye, It is called cortical cataract.This cortical cataract occurs in less people.

3. Posterior subconscious cataract

A posterior subconscious cataract occurs in the posterior part of the eye, just opposite to a cortical cataract.

Symptoms of cataract

Symptoms in a person suffering from cataract may be as follows.

1. Eye blur

The most important symptoms of cataract disease is the appearance of blurred eye, this symptoms occurs in most people due to old age. Due to weakening of immunity or lack of diet plan, eye blurring also appears and can be the cause of other types of disease.

2. Object color

In eye disease or cataract disease of the eye, the appearance of the object in color is a symptoms of cataract disease, this symptoms occurs in less people.

3. Change in eye number

Continuous change in the lens of the eye due to normal eye disease or cataract can be a symptom of cataract because it is a change in the lens due to cataract continuous change (enlargement).

4. Vitamins and nutrients

Due to weak immunity due to deficiency in vitamins and nutrients, many types of diseases occur in the body such as – cataract, cold, fever, body pain, eye disease, corona virus all types. The disease is caused by vitamin and nutrient deficiency.
5. Cataract
Symptoms of cataract are more common in one eye per patient, and this symptom is white of black part of the eye (cornea). This symptom is obscure in cataract patient.

6. Double vision

In a person suffering from cataract, this symptom is often present in the patient. If a patient suffering from cataract sees any object, then he sees many things instead of one object, which is called double vision.

7. Myopia

This symptoms in cataract is a frequent cause of myopia.

How to prevent cataract

How to prevent cataract? This question is often asked by people suffering from cataract when they go to the doctor, in which the answer of the doctor is that there is no solid evidence of cataract but you can follow them to prevent cataract.
  • Healthy food and eye care should be equalized to prevent eye disease.
  • Operation is the best treatment for cataract treatment and the disease does not recur after treatment.
  • With increasing age (after about 50 years of age) you must have your eyes checked once in three months.
  • To keep the eye healthy, you should consume health food such as – vitamin-rich fruits, grains, eggs, fish, vitamins A and B complex, milk and all healthy foods.
  • Cataracts are often those people who have been ill for a long time with diabetes. All people suffering from diabetes should get their treatment done timely and completely so that eye disease can be prevented from cataract.
  • A finding revealed that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation) contributes more to increasing the eye disease cataract, so don’t go in the sun. If you have to go for some reason, during that time you go out with the help of glasses or a towel so that you can avoid the sun.

What kind of risk can cataracts cause?

Some of the risks associated with cataract which are visible to the patient.

1. Older age

Cataracts occur most often in older people.
  • If seen according to age, then cataract develops slowly in people between 40 and 50 years of age.
  • At the age of 60 to 70 years, cataracts develop completely, which is the risk of cataract.

2. Ultraviolet rays of the sun

Ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun are the cause of eye disease cataract and it can be a risk of cataract in people of any age.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol is detrimental to health, because of its frequent use in high doses, it is a cause and risk of subsequent eye disease cataracts.

4. Diagnosis

X ray, therapy radiation is used to diagnose any disease. Repeated therapy and X-ray use does not reduce the risk of a disease growing again. It can be a risk of cataract, so do not use them more.

5. Eye injury

If you have an eye injury before then it may be a risk of cataract or no visible appearance at all later.

6. Family history of cataract

If cataract patients have been coming for a long time in your family, then obviously you can also have cataract.

7. Obesity

Mostly it has been observed that the person (female / male) who has obesity more than necessary increases the chance of getting many diseases including cataract of eye disease.

8. Diabetes

This disease occurs due to increasing diabetes obesity. If you have diabetes for a long time, you have many types of diseases, including cataracts of the eye disease.

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Treatment of cataract is completely possible

Treatment of cataracts First of all the doctor recommends medication and eye drops and it is possible that the symptoms of cataracts are normal which he thinks I will cure cataract disease with medicine and eye drops because the symptoms are now have in common. When the symptom of cataract increases more than normal, the doctor again tells you that now the symptom of cataract has increased more than normal, in this case you will have to do surgery or else it will cause hindrance in your life. And cataracts will never occur again after performing surgery.

What type of risk can occur after cataract surgery

After cataract surgery, there are some similar factors which may show such symptoms after treatment surgery.
  • Pain
  • Eye swelling
  • Eye blurring
  • Reddening of the eye
  • To see more than one object on any object
  • Any object not formed due to cataract disease on the retina.
  • Bleeding from the eye
  • There may be more types of diseases in the eye
  • Not being able to identify anything with the eye
  • Eye infection

What is a Cataract (FAQ) ?

Q. Can home treatment for cataract be cured?

ANS. If cataract is treated in time, it can be cured with home treatment but it is not possible if the symptoms are more severe.

Q. What is the cause of cataract?

ANS. Cataracts are of the following types such as – Genetic , due to injury to the eye, old age, Smoking, UV radiation, congenital disease, the frontal part of the cornea is white.

Q. Does cataract disease spread through infection?

ANS. Cataract disease is not spread through infection, nor does it spread by being in contact with the patient.

Q. What is the symptom of cataract?

ANS. Symptoms of cataracts are of the following types such as – the lack of visible eye, an object appearing several times, the eye lens being white, eye pain, eye water. All symptoms occur in cataract disease.

Q. Is cataract treatment cured by surgery?

ANS. If cataract is not cured by medication, then the only cure is that the treatment of cataract is cured by surgery and the cost of operation is also reduced.

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