Blood cancer symptoms, causes and treatment

Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a deadly disease. Today, the number of patients (blood cancer) is increasing continuously around the world and the number of people dying of blood cancer is also increasing continuously.

Blood cancer experts say that no concrete cause has been detected so far, while some people say its main cause and claim to be so, let us know what is blood cancer before knowing the reason? Blood is made up of 4 blood cells such as –

1. Red blood cells  2. White blood cells  3. Platelets  4. Plasma


Blood is formed by these 4 cells. Blood work is to make the blood flow to different parts of the body and to do different work for each part of the body. Keeping the body part connected to blood cells (keep alive)


What is blood cancer Blood cell cancer is present in the blood in the body. Blood cell cancers are alive in lakh of millions every day and die in lakh every day. This is a daily job. It is natural for blood cell cancers to live and die every day, but blood cancer is not due to the death of blood cancer cells due to some reason. Increase in the number of overdose of which leads to the birth of blood cancer disease which is known as blood cancer.


What causes blood cancer?

The following are the causes of blood cancer.

Genetic disease

No solid cause has been identified yet, but some people say that blood cancer is a genetic disease. If a parent has a blood cancer disease, the child may have this disease and yet it is being told
The main cause of blood cancer is genetic. If you have been living in this family for a long time, then you can get this disease.


Weak immunity

If immunity is more weak then it can cause many types of diseases like – blood cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, cough, cold.


Middle class women/men

According to a report, it has been found that blood cancer disease is more prevalent among men and women above 15 to 35 years of age. No solid cause has yet been known to be the cause of blood cancer.



If a person suffering from a serious illness is treated and cured with chemotherapy during his or her lifetime. He/She may be born with a serious illness such as blood cancer during his/her lifetime. Due to the high effect of the drug while treating chemotherapy, the health of the person while treating it has a bad effect which can lead to many types of disease.



When using radiation therapy in the last stage of a serious illness, using radiation equipment increases the risk of serious disease such as – blood cancer, tumor, paralysis, brain hemorrhage, heart disease, kidney disease.


Other causes of blood cancer

1. A person working in a chemical factory or living in the vicinity of that company can get this disease.

2. If you have ever had this type of disease, then you are more likely to get blood cancer such as AIDS ( HIV), TB, liver cirrhosis, brain tumor and if you have been cured, then you are currently getting blood cancer disease, Can happen anytime.

4. Increasing the amount of nicotine in the body due to cigarette or other types of smoking, giving rise to the factor of blood cancer in the body.

5. Chromosome can cause blood cancer. The chromosome due to which the child is born may be due to the parents’ mixing of chromosomes.

10. Having sex with a patient with congestive blood cancer can lead to many diseases like blood cancer due to the semen being mixed with each other.


What is the type of blood cancer?

Blood cancer the following types ( there are three types of blood cancer).

1. (leukemia blood cancer)

Leukemia blood cancer falls in the category of the most dangerous and fatal blood cancer disease. Leukemia is caused by an excess of white blood cells in the body. If leukemia blood cancer is identified and treated completely at the time, then the disease can be cured of leukemia blood cancer.


2. Myeloma blood cancer

Blood cancer the birth of myeloma blood cancer by affecting the plasma found in the blood found in the body is called myeloma blood cancer.


3. Lymphoma blood cancer

The number of lymphoma blood cancer patients is constantly increasing due to the change in environment and lifestyle, which leads to a fatal disease like lymphoma. Lymphoma disease, bone marrow, bone marrow, spleen are all over the place.

Symptoms of lymphoma blood such as – Headache, other types of disease due to weak immunity, body pain, weight loss, bleeding from mouth, bleeding through stool, cough, all types of lymphoma blood. Symptoms are seen in cancer.


What is blood cancer symptoms and detection?

The following types of symptoms and identification of blood cancer can be felt towards the patient like –

1. Early symptoms of blood cancer such as headaches, high fever, feeling tired.
2. Anemia disease in blood cancer.
3. Blue and red marks on all the parts of the body.
4. Symptoms of blood cancer: Blood coming out of the nose and mouth and blood coming in coughs.
5. Excessive sweating of the body at night while sleeping and smelling with sweat.
6. Reduced appetite and rapid weight loss.
7. If you go for defecation, the release of blood with feces is a sign of blood cancer.
8. Increased breathing in blood cancer.


Blood Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

There is no solid cause of blood cancer risk factor and cause. There are some factors and causes in blood cancer disease that have been linked to blood cancer disease. Blood cancer disease is caused by genetic. Following are the risk factors and causes associated with blood cancer disease.

1. Radiation therapy.
2. Family history.
3. Weak immune system.
4. Smoking.
5. Alcohol.
6. Working on nuclear reactor.
7. Viral (AIDS, TB disease).
8. The rays directly on the skin from the ozone layer.
9. Excess fatness.


Complications of blood cancer

Cancer can occur in any part of the body. Cancer complications depend more on the cancerous disease in the body and how fast it grows on the cancerous part. There are some parts of the body where cancer promotes another disease in the body at a faster rate.

1. kidney failure
2. Digestive power affected
3. Liver failure
4. blood pressure
5. Heart Attack


Diagnosis of blood cancer

To treat a person suffering from blood cancer, first of all know some symptoms from the sufferer and the medical history during his life time. The cause of blood cancer is due to genetic disorder (syndrome) from one generation to another.

Diagnosis of blood cancer requires knowing about the family’s medical history. After receiving the information from all the incident cycles, the doctor takes it seriously and immediately advises you in a lab test to do all the tests related to blood cancer.

Medical history, blood tests, imaging tests of the patient are done in the diagnosis of blood cancer.

1. Diagnostic imaging tests such as MRI, PET scan, CT scan, X-ray 2. Bone marrow is examined for diagnosis of blood cancer.
3. Lymph node – core biopsy can be performed to diagnose blood cancer.
4. Performing a thorough physical examination of the patient.


How to prevent blood cancer?

Following steps can be taken to prevent blood cancer such as –

1. To consume turmeric and milk.
2. Onion helps prevent cancer by 60%
3. Green vegetables and fruits should be consumed.
4. Intake of dry food.
5. Vitamin D (sunshine) or fish, egg intake.
6. Due to genetic blood cancer, blood cancer is a disease, so blood tests must be done.
7. Do not consume alcohol and tobacco.
8. To keep the immunity stronger.
9. Prevention of cancer causing factors such as radiation, ultra violet, radiation therapy, chemotherapy treatment should be avoided.


Treatment of blood cancer

Treatment of blood cancer: Depending on the age, health and prevalence of the person suffering from it, doctors choose the option for treatment of blood cancer.

1. Medicine

To cure any disease of any kind, that disease is first treated with medicine, similarly patients suffering from blood cancer are treated with the first medicine. If a patient suffering from blood cancer is regularly treated with food and medicine under the supervision of the doctor at the right time, then it does not take much time to cure any disease of any kind (heals quickly).


2. Radiation therapy

Treatment of blood cancer is possible with radiation therapy and treating a blood cancer patient with radiation therapy helps in curing this disease more. Radiation therapy is many times more effective than medicine and soon uses radiation therapy to cure the patient. If treatment for blood cancer is not curing, then radiation therapy is the last option in the treatment of blood cancer.


3. Blood platelet therapy

Blood platelet therapy is given to cure the patient when the number of blood platelets in the blood cancer patient is reduced.


4. Immunity

The immunity system is strengthened to destroy the cancer cells present in the blood cancer (body).

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