Best home remedies for itchy eyes

Itchy eyes

The most delicate organ in the body is the eye. In this article, how the problem of eye itching can be cured with home remedies. Know about this very well. Irritation in the eyes due to any reason Redness of the eye with excitement, Eye itching, dirt from the eye, watering of the eye and feeling pain. Eye itching is symptom in any one person. Whereas all the symptoms are felt in the other person due to itching in the eye. Eye itching cannot be considered serious and risky. Whereas if there is itching and pain in the eye repeatedly. So it can be risky for the eye. There are many common causes of eye itching. It can be cured immediately by taking home remedies.


Itchy eyes have many causes. Which in this way can be experienced with each person.

1. Dry eye

Irritation and pain in the eye is often due to lack of water in the eye. It can be understood in such a way as to get out of the house during the summer season or watch the TV screen continuously.


2. Computer

There are other reasons for burning in the eyes. If you constantly look at the burning screen of the computer according to the rules of office hours, there is a reason for burning in the eyes.


3. Infection

There are many causes of eye infection. For example, using foreign beauty creams can also cause eye irritation and pain due to contact with the eyes.


4. Sunlight

Exposure to sunlight with open or naked eyes can result in blurred vision and decreased vision, as well as burning and pain in the eyes.


5. Mildew infection

Insects often feel a sharp pain and burning sensation when they enter the eye at night. Whereas insects sometimes die out of the eye or come out alive.


Diagnosis of eyes with eye infection at night or for other reason as usual in the eye. This time too the burning and pain is felt by every person every day. In which burning in the eyes of some person occurs due to some common reason. While it can be cured by taking home remedies. While there are some such risk factors. In which repeated burning and pain can be felt in the eye. During this, if the burning sensation of the eye and other symptoms do not improve after taking home remedies. So during this time this subject should be discussed seriously with the doctor. The doctor will want to talk to you seriously about the symptoms in order to diagnose the eyes. While the doctor examines the eyes by moving the pupil around.


How to prevent and take care of itchy eyes

Itchy eyes and how to take care of eyes. Everyone should understand this carefully. The following methods can be included in the lifestyle to keep the eyes healthy and prevent itching.

1. To keep the eyes healthy, the right nutrients and the right vitamin sources should include food and fruits.
2. Eye exercises should be done daily.
3. Strong sunlight and dust often increase the symptoms of itching and pain in the eye. While during this you should wear goggles to protect you from dust and sun.
4. One should walk barefoot in the meadow every day to keep the eyes bright and last longer.
5. Eye pain and itching are caused by insects entering the eyes at night. Night goggles should be worn for protection.
6. Home remedies should be adopted to soothe the burning and itching of eyes.

Itchy eyes home remedies

Immediate relief can be found by taking home remedies for itchy eyes. Taking home remedies proves beneficial in providing instant relief from itching and burning of the eyes and in curing them without harming the eyes.

1. Water to give relief from itchy eyes

Water is beneficial in home remedies to soothe the pain along with itching and burning in the eye. Its Water is beneficial in providing instant relief from itching and pain of the eye. There are many causes of pain along with itchy eye occurs with each and every person in lifestyle every day. If there is itching and pain in the eye, then a dash of home remedies can provide immediate relief. By sprinkling water in the eye daily, It is beneficial in keeping the eye healthy for a long time.


2. Cucumber provides relief from itching in the eye

Cucumber is the best source of antioxidants in high amounts. Its Cucumber has high water content. Cucumber proves to be beneficial for many treatments in home remedies. To cure itching of the eyes and to get moisture, peeling the cucumber and cutting it into round-round pieces and placing it on the eye provides instant relief from all kinds of problems in the eye. It can be eaten daily as a salad.

3. Rose water home remedies

Rose water acts as an anti-pain for the eyes. In this beauty product, it is beneficial to keep the face young and beautiful every day. Rose water can be used daily to relieve eye irritation, itching, lack of moisture, darkening of the under eye area or dark circles. Applying rose water on the upper surface of the eye with the help of cotton, provides relief from itching and pain of the eye. Applying rose water on the face is beneficial.


4. Compression for instant relief from itchy eyes

To get relief from itching, pain, swelling of the eye problem, immediate relief can be found by applying hot or cold bandage immediately. Immediate relief can be found by applying cold or heat bandage to a fine cotton cloth. This process can be repeated over and over again.


5. Milk to give instant relief from itchy eyes

Milk in home remedies to get relief from itching, swelling, pain, burning of the eye. Applying cream obtained from milk or cream containing milk with the eyes closed provides immediate relief from itching and pain. It can be used every day to treat eye problems. Home remedies are prepared from the usual mixture of gram flour and milk to maintain the moisture and beauty of the face. Which can be used every day on the skin.


6. Instant relief from itchy eyes aloe vera

Aloe vera is rich in immunity and moisture and its cold. It is applied to the skin every day as a home remedy for acne, blemishes and skin beauty. The thick substance of aloe vera can be applied on the skin without any adulteration. Aloe vera is used in home remedies to cure many diseases. To calm the itching of the eye, first cut the aloe vera leaf and apply the thick substance present in it on the upper surface of the eye. Leave it on the eye for some time for 10 minutes. Then wash off with clean water. This home remedy can be used every day.

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