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Eye is one of the most important organs of the body. It is not only the function of seeing but this part is important to make the face more beautiful. The eye plays an important role in helping to perform any function of the body. And it helps to recognize the world and people throughout life. In the present time, taking care of eyes is as much a necessity as you look for health food to stay healthy. Today’s lifestyle has become so difficult and complicated that along with the health of the body, not taking care of the eyes has a bad effect on the eyes.


In the present time, due to not paying attention to the eyes, there is a bad effect on the eyesight. Which may be considered an important factor in people with glasses and blurred vision early age. Factors affecting the eyes, which mainly include – watching TV for a long time, working long hours the computer in the office, dust, smoke, effect of strong light.


Note –  All the factors that affect the eyesight, such as night blindness, cataract, glaucoma, injury to the eyes, virus infection, affect the eyes.


Taking care of the eyes and adopting important exercises for the eyes helps in rejuvenating and enhancing the eyesight.


Cause of poor eyesight

1. To look at something constantly.
2. Looking at the computer screen light or t.v. led light.
3. Lack of exercise for the eyes.
4. Severe nutrient deficiency.
5. Working continuously for several hours.
6. Suffering from eye disease.
7. Dehydration of the eye.
8. Not taking care of eyes.
9. Lack of food and fruits necessary for eyesight.
10. Applying eye drops.
11. Injury to the eyes.
12. Lack of eye doctor’s advice.


Eye exercises

This exercise can be adopted for health as well as eyesight and keeping it fresh. By adopting eye exercises, it helps to increase light and prevent eye disease.


Types of eye exercises

1. Give rest to the eye.
2. Wink up.
3. Rubbing the eyes with the palm.
4. Splash water in your eyes daily.
5. Move the eye round and round.
6. Give long rest to the eye.
7. View multiple images at once.
8. Incorporate vitamins and nutrients into exercise.
9. Walk barefoot everyday.
10. Close your eyelids frequently.
11. Keep away from smoking.


1. Give rest to the eye

Resting the eyes for a long time to increase eyesight or including it in exercise can be considered as refreshing eyesight. If you work continuously in the office while working in front of a computer or laptop, there may also be blurred vision or severe pain in the eye and gradually the eyesight starts decreasing. Along with work, rest is also needed to maintain the eyesight. If you do any work for 8 hours without interval, then during this time you need to rest your eyes for a long time.


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2. Wink up

To keep the eye healthy and relaxed, blinking is necessary or you think that you have found a new way to exercise the eye. If looking at an object for a long time with one eye, watering of the eye and pain in the eye also starts. And sometimes blurred vision even comes that the eyes are weak and the matter of showing the doctor starts coming in the mind. To keep the eye healthy and light for a long time, blinking of the eye while doing any work gives rest to the eye and the work can also be done for a long time.


3. Rubbing the eyes with the palm

Rubbing the eyes with the palm can be included for eye exercises to improve eyesight and longevity. In the morning or while working, whenever you feel that the eyes are tired, for this, you get rid of eye fatigue by rubbing the muscles and blood cells of the eyes. And the blood circulation is again functioning properly, which acts as an exercise for eyesight.


4. Splash water in your eyes daily

Splashing water twice a day increases eye health and light. Due to work throughout the day and dust and increasing pollution in the eyes, there is a bad effect on the eye. Due to which various types of problems in the eyes occur with age. Eye experts say that if you work every day, and splashing cold water in the eyes, then it is the easiest way to keep the eyes healthy and to calm the dirt and venom of insects.


5. Turn the eye round

For eye care and health and longevity, special attention has to be paid to eye exercises and diet. If eye exercises involve the dark part of the eye called the cornea (lens of the eye). Which helps to identify an object. The eye is moved around the eye twice a day. Its exercises for good eye. If it is adopted daily in the lifestyle, then it is considered to be the easiest and best exercise to keep the eyes healthy.


6. Give long rest to the eye

Give the eye a long rest it can be included in eye exercises. If any work is such that continuously affects the eyes and eye fatigue can be seen and pain may have to be faced. Seeing the TV, computer screen, or any fine work with the eyes continuously has a bad effect. Which can later lead to some kind of problem related to the eyes. Such as pain in the eyes, there can be all kinds of problems with the eyes. If you want to avoid this type of problem and want to keep the eyes healthy, then by giving rest to the eye for a long time, you can feel relief and fresh.


7. View multiple images at once

There are many other ways to keep the eye healthy and exercising. Apart from keeping the eye healthy, It helps in protecting against light and eye any disease. If you do a little exercise with the eyes every day, it helps to keep it healthy and prevent vision loss for a long time. Exercises for the eyes Seeing several pictures with the eyes all at once is a good exercise for the eyes.


Eye experts say that if a person looks at several pictures with the eye, the cells of the eye and the blood vessels connected to it send the message directly to the brain. So that the object can be easily identified with the eye. During this, seeing more than one picture with the eye puts more emphasis on the eye. Due to which the activation of the eye becomes more rapid.

8. Incorporate vitamins and nutrients into exercise

In order to keep the eyes healthy and live a long life, along with exercise, it is necessary to have vitamins and more nutrients present in healthy food for the eyes. If a person looks for healthy food to stay healthy. Similarly, if one consumes food rich in vitamins and nutrients to keep the eye healthy, then it plays an important role in keeping the eye healthy for a long time.


9. Walk barefoot everyday

If walking barefoot on green grass every day, the blood circulation of the feet becomes faster. Leg muscles get stronger. According to a research, if you walk a few kilometers with bare feet every day, then along with health, the eyes get healthy and for a long time, the eyesight gets stronger and the eyesight gets more help. Walking barefoot can be considered as the simplest and best exercise to keep mental stress, blood pressure, mood fresh.


10. Close your eyelids frequently

Blinking the eyelids repeatedly to give rest to the eye for a long time, apart from relaxing the eye fatigue, the eye gets fresh and relief from pain. If you are doing some work continuously, and there is no gap in any way. So it is natural to have watery eyes and pain. To keep the eye pain and health, It is relieved by opening the eye and blinking for a long time.


11. Keep away from smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. As you all know, apart from the health of smoking, it also has a bad effect on the eyes. Smoking is a direct example of tobacco, that if a person consumes bidi or cigarette made of tobacco, it will be injurious to health. Tobacco is high in nicotine. Which increases the risk of cancer. and weakens the immune system. Due to which different types of diseases occur in the body.


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