Anemia symptoms, causes and home remedies


Anemia is a blood related disease. Where some experts say that 50 to 60% of the people in other countries and 80 to 85% of the people in India are mostly women. This disease occurs due to lack of blood or iron deficiency in the body. And the production of hemoglobin stops. Due to low hemoglobin, the flow of oxygen cells of the body not fully functioning. Its symptoms include anemia, skin darkening, yellowing of the skin, feeling tired, fever, yellowing of the eyes. All kinds of symptoms can occur. It is a common type of blood loss ( Anemia )in the body.


What are the causes of anemia?

Apart from nutritional deficiency, there are other reasons for this.

1. Anemia due to lack of blood ( WBC & RBC ).
2. In disease ulcers, blood cancer, jaundice, TB disease is often thought to be the cause of anemia.
3. Blood loss during women menstruation, childbirth OR pregnancy.
4. Anemia due to bleeding from the body.
5. Folic acid deficiency.
6. Women becoming mothers are often a complication of anemia.
7. Anemia due to excessive smoking.
8. Tumors of the uterus cause anemia.
9. The incidence rate of anemia is up to 70% in women compared to men.


What are the symptoms of anemia?

1. Feeling tired all the time.
2. Yellowing of the eyes.
3. Dizziness.
4. Normal palpitations or palpitations of the heart.
5. Breathing problems.
6. The locks of the feet and the cooling of the palms.
7. Darkness eyes.


8. Tired quickly.
9. Back pain.
10. Head feeling heavy and pain in all joints.
11. Yellowing of nails of hands and feet.
12. Yellowing of the skin.
13. Tingling of the body.
14. Weight loss.
15. Loss of appetite and irritability of the body.
16. Darkening of the skin under the eyes.


Prevention of anemia

Anemia is the most common disease caused by anemia. Which home remedies even without medicine can help in curved anemia.

1. Beetroot, carrot, tomato, green leafy (spinach).
2. Iron deficiency.
3. Eat sprouted gram.
4. Take the tablet of anemia after the advice of the doctor.
5. Vitamin, iron, folic acid by eating pomegranate.
6. Red meat, seafood, eggs, soybeans, peas, dry fruits.
7. Consumption of honey, milk, small grain bread + soybean, jaggery, mushroom cures anemia.


Anemia disease the some other disease

1. Kidney cancer.
2. Malnutrition or undernutrition deficiency.
3. Menstruation.
4. Viral infection.
5. Ill for a long time.
6. Thalassemia.
7. Variations of Homoglobin Genes.
8. Vitamin B-12 deficiency.


1. Kidney Cancer 

What is anemia related to kidney cancer? How is anemia caused by kidney cancer. Kidney hormone named erythropoietin, its function is to make our bone marrow red blood cells, if its production is reduced or stopped, the activity of anemia disease is high.


2. Malnutrition or undereating

Malnutrition is mostly complained of by children and pregnant women & Anemia is a disease caused by a lack of red blood cells. About 75 to 80% pregnant women in India and 55 to 60% in other countries complain of malnutrition, due to which there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the body and anemia disease occurs.


3. The Viral infection

There are bone marrow in the body. Whenever a viral infection occurs, the bone marrow is the first to affect, due to which the production of red blood cells in the body decreases. And the lack of blood becomes anemia disease.


4. Ill for a long time

If any person is suffering from this disease for a long time. Disease (TB, HIV, blood cancer) All diseases are long lasting, if someone has this disease, then there is a lack of blood and lack of homoglobin in the body, causing anemia in the body.


5. Thalassemia

Thalassemia is a disease that is passed from one generation to other generation (genetic disease).


6. Hemoglobin gene changes

Changes in the genes of homoglobin, thus anemia is called sickle cell anemia, in which red blood cells are sickle shaped like margins due to abnormal homoglobin. There are several types of sickle cell anemia, which vary in size at different levels.


7. Vitamin B-12 deficiency

If we talk that we compare both non-veg and veg when we eat, then a person who eats non-veg feels much more healthy and fine than veg, while eating non-veg meat-meat can cure his health. Takes. Talking about veg, neither vitamins nor proteins are available from this simple food. Due to this, the immunity of the common man is low, due to which he falls ill quickly and deficiency of vitamin B-12 causes other types of disease besides anemia.


Home remedies for anemia

1. Spinach

Home remedy for anemia disease of spinach, eating and drinking (in the form of juice) spinach has the availability of vitamin B-12 and protein. Spinach consuming it continuously in the morning and evening, the lack of blood in the body.


2. Beetroot and apple

Beetroot & apple is rich of folic acid and best source ( iron, folic acid ) which is very beneficial for the body and homoglobin is formed and immunity is very high in fighting immunity, and the most iron is found in apple which is homoglobin.


3. Tomatoes

Iron and vitamin-C are found in tomatoes. Which would be beneficial for the development of the body as well as for the health. Tomato can be consumed in the form of vegetable, salad and juice, it can also be consumed in the form of chutney. Eating tomatoes increases immunity, which gives more strength to fight any disease. Tomato is the best source to meet the anemia.


4. Dates

Iron is found in abundance in dates and best source of vitamin. If consuming dates in the morning and evening, it increases the lost strength of the body. The best source of anemia disease which helps in curing the disease.


5. Raisins

The praise of Raisin’s victory is less. Which are very beneficial for the health of the body. Iron, protein, vitamins and sodium are found dry fruit of Raisins. Along with increasing the immunity. To prevent them, It can be consumed regularly by including Raisins in the daily routine. Eating kismis daily increases sex power and removes the weakness of the body, beneficial for eyesight, provides a strength to the muscles, reduces the problem of hair fall, increases eyesight, strengthens the bones. It is beneficial and provides strength.

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