Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, causes & home remedies

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a rapidly spreading disease. Which is the most common cause of dementia, which is a disease of the brain and memory (forgetfulness). Alzheimer’s In which your intellectual capacity is greatly reduced. In Alzheimer’s disease, brain cells make themselves and die on their own. In Alzheimer’s disease, forgetfulness is a gradual decrease in the capacity for mental stress. The Alzheimer’s disease is an important type of dementia. At present, there is no complete information about the exact treatment of Alzheimer’s disease yet. Prevention of this disease can reduce the symptoms and factors of Alzheimer’s. It is common to be aware of all kinds of information related to this disease. So that this disease can be stopped from progressing.

Alzheimer’s disease is a broad term for dementia caused by brain injuries or disease. Due to which there is negative effect on memory, thinking, behavior and lifestyle. Today, the number of this disease is gradually increasing.

Symptoms of alzheimer’s disease

The early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are so mild and there is no significant difference of any kind on the ability to think. Whereas in its medium stage, the symptoms appear to increase gradually. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease can be seen and felt in the sufferer in the following ways.

1. Loss of memory in Alzheimer’s disease.
2. To be more affected by the way of life style.
3. Be confused and sad.
4. Completely disturbed mind.
5. Lack of attention to time
6. to be alone
7. Always taking wrong decisions.
8. Always keep distance from family or neighbour.
9. More worry in mood or personality.
10. Having more trouble talking.

Alzheimer’s Facts

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease of amnesia. Which is growing rapidly at present. This is often due to brain stress or due to lifestyle changes, mental stress always leads to decrease in brain development and loss of memory and forgetfulness due to Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Alzheimer’s is a memory loss or forgetfulness.
2. This disease occurs in every person above 60 years of age.
3. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, this disease can be cured by adopting preventive factors.
4. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia.
5. Alzheimer’s is passed down from one generation to the next due to the genes passed down from the parents.
6. This disease is a rapidly progressing disease in every condition.
7. It is not an infection nor a disease spread by untouchability.

Difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease cannot be join to the disease. Because the aspects of these two are different from the overall word memory. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are both for different terms. Dementia and Manusmriti or memory are based on language and understanding. The terms dementia and Alzheimer’s both have different symptoms. Those who are more important to know. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease its both 1 group. Because the aspects of these two are different from the overall word memory. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are both used for different terms. Dementia and Manusmriti or memory are based on language and understanding. The terms dementia and Alzheimer’s both have different symptoms. Which is more important to know.

1. Alzheimer’s symptoms

1. Decreased ability to think or think.
2. Decrease in memory.
3. Likes to be alone
4. Alzheimer’s disease in older people.
5. Behaving like a madman.

2. Dementia symptoms

1. Wandering position
2. Confusion
3. Dizziness
4. State of forgetfulness
5. Mobility in practice.
6. Difficulty speaking.
7. Being in a state of depression.

Alzheimer’s Stages

The stage of Alzheimer’s disease always varies with different person. In which each person’s condition is experienced the same during the symptoms. Whereas and its stages in the person if the person is suffering before any serious disease. So the symptoms and stages may be experienced gradually up to that stage or in the stage of Alzheimer’s disease.

1. The history of the person in the first stage of Alzheimer’s disease or a distant relative who had previously suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. According to this, some help is definitely available in treating the person.

2. As you all know that Alzheimer’s is a disease of forgetfulness. The second stage always occurs with every person with Alzheimer’s.

3. In the third stage of Alzheimer’s, the patient and the desire to forget gradually increase in each phase of the memory with the person suffering.

4. Relatives of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease visit a doctor and consult about treatment due to forgetfulness and behavioral deficits.

5. Always need to help the other person or loved ones with Alzheimer’s during treatment.

6. A person suffering from Alzheimer’s in the late stage needs more treatment and support during treatment. In this situation the person has to go through forgetting and discussing the integral events in the lifestyle.


What are the causes Alzheimer’s disease?

Experts believe that the cause of Alzheimer’s is not yet working properly. The cause of Alzheimer’s disease is mainly focused in view of the following things in the lifestyle.

1. The main cause of Alzheimer’s is genetic, due to which the percentage of pain of this disease is very less in every person.
2. Alzheimer’s often occurs during that time for both men and women. When he has lived a long life. Assuming that the age of the person is more than 60 years.
3. About the medical history of the family responsible for Alzheimer’s if one has suffered from this disease in the past.
4. Mental stress in lifestyle causes Alzheimer’s disease.
5. It can be due to injury to the brain or a disease like brain tumor.


Alzheimer’s risk factors

The risk factors for Alzheimer’s can be as follows.
1. Due to head injury.
2. Mental stress or lumps in the brain cells.
3. If there has ever been a family history of Alzheimer’s disease in the family, then the chances of that family member suffering from this disease increase.
4. Alzheimer’s due to brain tumor disease.
5. Due to the exploitation of the person in the lifestyle, it can be suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Prevention of alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease of amnesia. Which in any case a person can suffer at any time. This is possible only if you are well aware of the factors that cause Alzheimer’s. Or preventing the increase in risk factors for Alzheimer’s. To prevent forgetfulness, the following methods can be adopted for prevention.

1. Preventing brain injury or improving mood.
2. Controlling blood pressure.
3. Reducing mental stress.
4. Completely treat or prevent obesity or diabetes.
5. Maintaining immunity.
6. Take up exercise.
7. Prevent the cause of disease.

Alzheimer’s home remedies

1. Take Vitamin D in Home Remedies

Alzheimer’s disease is a simple type of dementia and loss of memory. In this disease, the person’s memory (forgetfulness) becomes weak. In home remedies, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, taking foods containing vitamin D in the diet helps to get relief from this disease and further improve the power of Manusmriti. Vitamin D is more beneficial in the body’s immunity and strengthens bones. According to experts, vitamin D is more active and beneficial to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Turmeric beneficial in accelerating the nature of the mind

As turmeric’s Ayurvedic properties for immunity and anti-pain, cancer prevention by 60%, and treatment of skin diseases, turmeric is being used in home remedies for a long time. The percentage rate of curcumin in turmeric is 60 to 70%. Which is more beneficial in curing Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric is beneficial in home remedies for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Consuming one teaspoon of turmeric with a glass of milk daily provides immediate relief from Alzheimer’s disease. In home remedies, turmeric is beneficial to cure other diseases.


3. Avoid smoking in Alzheimer’s disease

Smoking in Alzheimer’s disease also weakens memory and increases mental stress. Smoking proves to be injurious to health. The nicotine in smoking increases blood pressure more quickly. Due to which the blood pressure increases. And the activity towards health intensifies even more. Due to which the speed of people getting sick becomes even faster.

4. Health Food Consumption in Alzheimer’s

According to experts, it is necessary to consume healthy food to cure other diseases like Alzheimer’s. Healthy eating helps in the smooth functioning of the body’s activities and functions continuously. Nutrients, vitamins and minerals are more needed to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Dry food cashew nuts, almonds, currants and other substances.
2. Spinach (Green Vegetable)
3. Broccoli
4. Cabbage
5. Blueberry
6. Pomegranate
7. Egg
8. Meat
9. Fish (Omega-3)
10. Liver


Some Good Habits Against Alzheimer’s

To cure Alzheimer’s disease, It is more important to keep the following things in mind.

1. Avoid consuming oil and sugar in Alzheimer’s disease.
2. Take up yoga.
3. Reduce mental stress and disorder.
4. Avoid smoking and drug use.
5. Eat healthy and nutritious food.
6. Avoid the consumption of alcohol.
7. Be green and nutritious, rich in vitamins.
8. Avoid the consumption of fried foods.
9. Avoid excessive consumption of tea.
10. Avoid excessive spices and chillies in food.

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