17 Natural ways reduce to hair fall at a young age

Hair loss

Hair fall is one of the serious problem in the world. And affects one third of the world’s people. With every person, more than 100 hairs fall in a day. Be it men or women, there are many reasons for hair fall. In which everyone has different reasons, from health to lifestyle, every single event affects hair loss. Hormonal changes, health problems, genetics, lack of essential nutrients for hair due to hair loss. The process of hair loss can be different in men and women. Whereas, due to hair loss in young age people, lack of nutrients, bad effect of environment, genetics can also be the reason for hair loss at young age.

Continuous loss of hair and bald spots on the head. This is a natural phenomenon. Due to the weakening of the hair follicles attached to the root of the hair and lack of nutrients, hair loss starts. There can be many reasons for hair loss. Some of the reasons have already been discussed. Nevertheless, daily hair fall in lifestyle can be due to the following factors. Stress, pollution, genetic diseases, medicine, sunlight, dust, dirty water, polluted environment, beauty products made from chemicals (soap, shampoo, oil, dirty hair) all cause hair fall faster. Taking natural and home remedies for hair fall and prevention can help in preventing hair fall.


1. Wash your hair regularly with natural shampoo

Washing the hair with regular shampoo made from Ayurveda makes the hair clean and the scalp attached to the hair completely clean and light. Washing hair removes dandruff from the scalp. There is a drastic reduction in the rate of hair breakage and shedding. Washing hair makes it feel nourished and dense. There is no problem of infection and fungus in the scalp.

2. Scalp massage hair oil

Scalp massage hair oil should be prepared from ayurvedic and natural. The oil activates blood circulation to the hair roots and scalp. Due to which, along with the necessary nutrients till the hair follicle, proper nutrients keep the hair healthy and strong. All the elements necessary for the hair can be obtained from the massage of oil. With regular massage at the interval of every day, the hair becomes healthy and strong, thick, black.

3. Essential protein for hair

Hair needs a proper amount of protein to keep it strong from falling and breaking. The amount of protein needed for hair is available in the form of food or fruit used in certain types. Protein keeps hair healthy and strong. Due to which the rate of hair fall. Protein is available in all food items like eggs, fish, meat, lentils, spinach. Consuming which can help in preventing hair fall.


4. Avoid brushing wet hair

Wet hair is always weak and stuck in each other. If you comb wet hair. So the hair starts breaking and falling. Wet hair is weaker than the scalp and getting stuck in each other, more than 100 hairs break and fall in women. Hair becomes weak and break while combing. Women’s hair falls more than men. Dry the hair and use a large-toothed comb to prevent wet hair from falling out.


5. Avoid smoking

Cigarettes and bidi smoking block the blood reaching the hair follicles of the hair attached to the scalp. Due to which the hair becomes weak and falls. Quit bidis and cigarettes from now on to prevent hair fall and health problems.

6. Physical exercise

In addition to health in the physical exercise lifestyle, It is necessary to exercise for the health and development of the child. Physical exercise: Exercising blood circulation and body part activity keeps health fine. The necessary blood reaches the hair follicles attached to the scalp easily. To prevent hair fall and breakage.


7. Avoid using hair dryer machine to dry hair 

To dry wet hair immediately with a hair dryer machine, about 30% of people, including women, dry their hair more. Drying the hair weakens the scalp and hair roots. Due to which the hair dryer is harmful to affect the hair in many ways. If you use a hair dryer to dry the hair every day, then the hair is the cause of baldness at an early age. Avoid using hair dryer machine to prevent hair fall and breakage.


8. Avoid chemical products

Chemicals have always been harmful to health. Not only this, if beauty products made from chemical substances are used for the hair of the head. So it is harmful for the hair. Even bathing regularly with soap makes the hair weak and fall. Avoid using soap, shampoo, oil on hair.

9. Amla oil to prevent hair fall and breakage

Vitamin C and many nutrients are found in Amla. Which is more beneficial for hair. The properties of Amla make hair healthy and strong and its supernatural properties are beneficial to keep it black. Massaging the hair with amla oil promotes hair growth. Amla oil is more beneficial for preventing hair fall and breakage. It can be used on regular hair.


10. Green tea

As you all know very well about green tea. Green tea contains a healthy group of antioxidants and other ingredients. By consuming it regularly, you can get full benefits about its health benefits. Green tea is rather health as well as It is hair health and fall, breakage, thick, dark hair and much more can be availed benefits of green tea. Regular consumption of green tea is beneficial for health. Green tea contains polyphenolic compounds, which are considered very beneficial for preventing hair loss.

11. Biotin

Biotin is beneficial for health. It helps to convert food into energy. Biotin is included in the B complex vitamins. According to a study, biotin is more beneficial for hair health. Biotin is more beneficial for hair growth, preventing hair loss, darkening of hair and health. The main sources of biotin are nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, onions and oats. You can consume it regularly every day.


12. Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is often the problem of every person at that time due to lack of water. Dehydration is caused when there is a deliberate reduction in drinking water or excessive sweating during the hot season. Due to the severe lack of oxygen in the blood due to lack of water from the body, the body can become lethargic and increase the activity of other diseases. Due to lack of water in the body, due to lack of blood to keep the hair healthy, due to lack of blood to the hair follicles, the roots of the hair become weak and start falling. To keep the body healthy, 7 to 8 glasses of water should be consumed daily.


13. Relieve stress

Stress is no less than a disease. Being stressed has a bad effect on the mindset. The Stress but also lifestyle as well as it has a bad effect on social behavior. Its also proves to be injurious to health. Stress affects your hair more. Stress is one of the common causes of hair loss. It can be reduced by adopting entertainment and exercise for the prevention of stress.

14. Take care of health

Due to weak health or you are already suffering from some serious disease. Those who have been undergoing treatment for a long time but have not fully recovered yet. Due to disease, along with the health of the body, it also affects the hair. You are suffering from some chronic disease due to hair fall. The disease affects the immunity of the body. By improving the health quickly, the problem of hair fall will end.


15. Folic acid

Due to the deficiency of folic acid, hair starts falling at an early age. And gradually the natural color of the hair starts to end. Not only this, due to the deficiency of folic acid, the disease of anemia, sleeplessness, fatigue is felt.


16. Calcium deficiency

Apart from hair loss, calcium deficiency is said to be the reason for this bone weakening. Due to its deficiency, the condition of being weak and mental disorder can be adopted. According to health experts, calcium deficiency can be corrected by consuming 1 to 2 glasses of milk daily. Calcium reduces the rate of hair loss by 60%.

17. Hair loss due to zinc deficiency

Zinc deficiency causes rapid hair fall and graying of hair at an early age. Zinc deficiency also has a bad effect on health. People who have hair fall. Zinc and minerals are found in small amounts in them. Due to which the process of hair loss and graying by affecting the hair follicles happens every day with every person due to the deficiency of mineral zinc. Zinc is included in food items such as carrots, red meat, eggs, meat, green leafy vegetables, beetroot, mango, pomegranate, banana.


When to see a doctor

Hair fall is not natural. Hair can be responsible if due to some factor or lack of nutrients in the hair. Not only this, if hair falls at a young age, then it is not one but many factors. Hair fall can happen due to pollution of the environment. But if the same process happens to everyone. So during this time you need to consult a doctor. Hair fall can prove to be the cause of some serious disease. Therefore the doctor may allow you to consult a dermatologist.

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