13 Impressive benefits of green tea for health

Green Tea

Green Tea benefits When it comes to staying healthy and fit, the first thing you look at is a hot beverage. Drinking hot beverages gives instant relief from fatigue and also has many health benefits. Start the day with hot beverages before meals every day. From making hot beverages (green tea), there are many advantages and disadvantages towards health, which we will discuss with you all through the article.


Green tea is beneficial for health. Hot beverages Green tea is rich in antioxidants and beneficial substances called polyphenols. Consumption of green tea has many benefits and hot beverages are important in getting rid of disease. Drinking green tea plays an important role in preventing disease and strengthening immunity. Before consuming the prepared green tea, a general mixture of several ingredients such as ginger, clove, dry ginger, lemon, sugar, black pepper, all substances are prepared to make green tea drinkable. As you are aware about the benefits of all the elements.


Green tea oral benefits

Some oral is known about the benefits of green tea, which is very beneficial for health. Green tea is more beneficial for weight loss, cancer, hair growth, wounds, fatigue, pimples, beauty on the face. After researching green tea, it was found that hot beverages which are more beneficial for health.


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Keep reading the complete article of Green Tea, you will know further in detail the unmistakable benefits of Green Tea.


Types of Green Tea

There are many types of green tea available in the market today. Green tea is the most widely consumed hot beverage in the world in terms of health. All the countries are ahead in green tea production and import and export. The cultivation of green tea depends on the type of soil. Its type is discussed from the production of green tea itself. According to the production of green tea, we are duly aware of its type.


Facts – Green tea is made from the leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis. Green tea is produced by the fermentation method.


Types of green tea

1. Sencha (The most widely consumed tea)
2. Fukamushi Sencha (Long-steamed tea in a type of green tea)
3. Tencha (Grown in shade)
4. Matcha (Prepared from a special old leaf of green tea)
5. Hojicha (Prepared by roasting hojicha leaves)
6. Genmaicha (Prepared by drying open sky leaves)
7. Gyokuro (Different from all green tea types as it is grown in the shade)


Green tea is available in many forms, which you can buy online.
1. Powder form.
2. Tea bag.
3. Tea supplement
4. In a glass bottle green tea.
5. Pouch pack.
6. green tea leaf form.


Ingredients of green tea and their benefits




1. Catechins Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties
2. Caffeine Relieve stress
3. Vitamins B ( Pantothenic acid ) Promotes Metabolism and Secrets of Digestive Fluids and Protects Mucus Membrane
4. Vitamin C Melanin and Antioxidant Source
5. Vitamin E Anti aging and fair glow skin properties
6. Amino Acids Mental Stress Recover
7. Folic Acid Prevent Hair Fall and Promote Hair


Green tea nutrition facts 1 teaspoon

1. Protein   0.05
2. Sugar   0.04
3. Energy (kcal)   2.08
4. Fat ( grams )   0.09
5. Carbohydrate ( grams )   0.29

Benefits of Green Tea

1. Benefits of green tea to reduce weight

After many studies and research, it has come to know about the medicinal of green tea that if regular consumption of green tea helps more in reducing weight.
The ingredient Catechins present in green tea is hot which helps in burning fat by controlling metabolism. Catechins are ready to burn belly fat, waist fat, part of the body. Catechins work to break down stored fat in the body and reduce the activity of fat accumulation, which can control weight. Green tea is the best source of antioxidants. Green tea, if consumed before breakfast, helps in reducing appetite, which helps in reducing weight.


Facts – Do not depend on the consumption of green tea that you can reduce weight by consuming green tea. This is possible only when you adopt diet plan and yoga, exercise regularly.


2. Green tea to reduce every problem of teeth

Green tea is beneficial for keeping teeth healthy. The ingredient present in green is capable of killing the germs and bacteria of the tooth. Consumption of green tea is beneficial in curing tooth problem, bad breath, tooth decay, worms in the tooth. Green tea in the presence of Catechins and Caffeine is effective in inhibiting the bacteria that grows in the teeth. Green tea is very beneficial in killing the bacteria present inside the mouth.


Facts – Green tea is beneficial for health. With green tea health, if its consumption is more than 3 times per day, then it can be harmful to health.


3. Green tea beneficial for strengthening immunity

As all of you are well aware of the health of green tea. Green tea is the best source of immunity, which helps in fighting disease. Elements of green tea enable activity to increase immunity. Green tea is able to strengthen immunity if consumed twice daily.


4. Antioxidant hair health benefits

Green tea is the best source of antioxidants, which along with health, the elements of green tea are beneficial for keeping the hair healthy as well. Green tea is a combination of vitamins and many nutrients, which can be reached close to its benefits by consumption.

1. Vitamin B in green tea which strengthens and thickens the hair roots.
2. Prevents gray hair turning black and white hair due to the presence of color pigments in green tea.
3. Helps prevent hair fall and keeps hair healthy for a long time.
4. By preparing a paste like henna with green tea and applying it on the hair, the hair becomes healthy and black.
5. Make a paste by mixing equal amounts of green tea powder and curd and apply it on the hair. Benefits The root of the hair becomes strong and the hair becomes thick, long, gets rid of dandruff.
6. Green tea contains antioxidant ( EGCG ) which leads to hair growth.


5. Green tea beneficial for strong bones

Green tea is high in Fluoride which helps in strengthening bones. Fluoride is used in tooth whitening toothpaste which strengthens the tooth even more. By reducing the density of bones by daily consumption of green tea makes it even more solid and strong. Green tea strengthens the upper muscles of the bones and reduces the symptoms of inflammation. Green tea protects and strengthens the upper muscles of the bones and is beneficial in bone growth.


6. Relieve mental stress with green tea

Till now you know about many such benefits of green tea. According to green tea botanical science, get the boon of nature for human health. Green tea is beneficial for the patient of mental stress. There are many elements present in green tea, which are beneficial for one or the other health. Elements of green tea Amino acids are beneficial to reduce mental stress One cup of green tea contains amino acids equal to about 0.04 grams, which drinking at an interval of 4 hours daily can be helpful in curing mental disorders. Green tea is beneficial for brain development along with curing mental stress.


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7. Green tea beneficial for brain disorders

Green tea After intensive study on green tea, research has done that the consumption of green tea is more beneficial in reducing brain disorders. By converting all the elements present in green tea into a medicine (supplement), its benefits have been told. A capsule supplement consisting of Caffeine and Catechins and ingredients in Green Tea is formulated as a capsule supplement. The capsule is thus claimed to be beneficial in stabilizing concentration, brain disorders, balancing the brain and improving brain function.


8. Green tea beneficial for reducing cholesterol

Green tea is beneficial in reducing the cholesterol present in the blood. After more research on green tea, it was found that if consumed at the rate of 2 cups of tea per day for a long time, there is a big difference in the rate of reduction in the fear of bad cholesterol and the rate of improvement in good cholesterol. The manufacture of cholesterol is associated with the liver. Green tea helps to clean the blood arteries. Green tea keeps the liver healthy and reduces liver disease.


9. Green tea beneficial for blood pressure

Regular consumption of green tea helps in reducing high blood pressure. The high blood pressure inducing factor (ACE enzyme) present in green tea is produced by the kidneys. Consuming 1 cup of green tea per day lowers blood pressure by inhibiting the ACE enzyme which increases blood pressure factors. Blood pressure patient data shows that regular consumption of 2 cups of green tea daily helps in reducing high blood pressure.


Facts – Do not always depend on green tea to reduce high blood pressure, because to control blood pressure, take a look at yoga and nutritious diet plan together.

10. Green tea reduce the aging factor

Antioxidants present in green tea are found in abundance and green tea has many health benefits. Green tea makes aging visible at a younger age. Appearing of aging or aging, its factors cause damage to the skin due to ultraviolet rays, and mental stress, eating habits, changes on the skin only promote towards old age. A published magazine in Japan describes that if 2 cups of green tea are consumed a day, then aging can be seen at a young age, this is due to the ingredients present in green tea.


11. Green tea removes fatigue and refreshes the body

Antioxidants and Caffeine, Vitamins, Catechins, Folic Acid, Amino Acids present in Green Tea all work together in different ways in the body like one removes mental stress Amino Acid, Antioxidants provides instant energy to the body, Caffeine Relieves stress, Functions of Catechins Antioxidant and Antibacterial properties Promote the health of the body by inhibiting anti-bacterial, Vitamin has its own distinct function like Vitamin E improves skin and reduces aging. Consuming one and a half cups of green tea daily is beneficial for refreshing the body.


12. Green tea beneficial for types 2 diabetes

Patients with other types of diabetes are increasing continuously. There are now 10 people with diabetes in the world with a ratio of 1 per person. Diabetes is caused by insulin in the blood because of the increase in the level of sugar in the blood. After more research on green, it was known that if a person consumes green tea 2 times a day, then it helps in reducing the factor of diabetes.
According to the per capita calculations in India, it was seen that if 10 people out of 100 people consume green tea and 90 people are away from its consumption, then 10 people who drink green tea are healthy and reduce the symptoms of diabetes. While 90 people can be unwell and increase the symptoms or causes of other types of diabetes.


13. Green tea beneficial for cardiovascular disease

Many people die every year due to heart disease and heart stroke. It was found in the study that if the consumption of green tea is regular then it helps in reducing the factor of heart disease. Some of the cholesterol associated with the heart is beneficial and some are responsible for heart disease by increasing the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). Due to which every year die from diseases like heart disease and stroke. Green tea is the best source of antioxidants and is found in abundance. Antioxidants filter the bad cholesterol (LDL) present in the blood by oxidation method and separate it from the blood. Due to which green tea has proved to be very helpful in reducing the risk of heart disease. Consumption of green tea daily may reduce the symptoms of heart disease and the percentage rate of disease causes.


Side effects of drinking green tea

1. Drinking green tea has its side effects because caffeine present in green tea can increase problems like insomnia, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, irritability.
2. Excessive consumption of green tea can cause serious health problems.
3. The reason for increasing liver disease can be due to excessive consumption of green tea or during the treatment of heart disease.
4. Consuming green tea during alcohol consumption can increase the heart rate of blood pressure.
5. Older people should abstain from green tea. Which can help reduce the symptoms of heart disease.
6. During the treatment of serious illness, take advice once before consuming green tea.


How to Prepare Green Tea

1. How to prepare bagged green tea


  • One green tea bag
  • Hot cup of water

1. Soak a green tea bag in a cup of hot water for 2 minutes.
2. After 2 minutes take back the green tea bag.
3. Sugar or honey can be used according to taste.


2. How to Prepare Powder Green Tea


  • One cup of hot water.
  • A small amount of green tea powder.
  • Sugar (as per taste)

1. Boil the water.
2. Add a small amount of green tea powder to the boiled water.
3. Leave it for a few minutes so that the green tea powder mixes well in the water.
4. Add sugar according to taste.
5. Now filter the prepared green tea with the help of a sieve.


When to drink green tea

According to the estimates of scientific research, the best time to drink green tea is after the morning meal, that is, in the afternoon, because drinking green tea at this time is beneficial for health. And also aids in digestion. One scientific fact of drinking green tea is that if you consume green tea at night while sleeping, then the caffeine present in green tea can promote insomnia.


Facts – Who should drink green tea depends on how healthy you feel towards health. Before drinking green tea, the victim must consult the doctor once.


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