10 natural tips hair growth without side effects


Hair growth 10 natural tips

Whenever a person (woman/man) questions about the growth of head hair and wants to know how to lengthen it without damaging the hair and regain its lost beauty. And how to correct the hair is not developing along the length of the body. Whether the hair of the head is of the woman or of the man is not thin, weak, dense, then it is an important problem for that person and it is important to reduce the personality and disappoint you.


Do you know before growing hair? Why hair does not grow, what is the reason and what can be lacking, healthy food (there is a very low nutrient deficiency) to make the hair grow longer or you are less inclined towards hair, do not take good care You can understand the answers to all these questions by reading this article continuously and you can get an important information.


10 Natural remedies to lengthen hair (classification)

1. Onion oil

2. Indian gooseberry oil

3. Coconut Oil

4. Castor oil

5. Bhringraj hair oil

6. Mustard oil

7. Aloe-Vera

8. Natural vitamins

9. Hair growth shampoo

10. Yoga

11. Best hair growth Beet 


1. Onion oil 

Onions are high in sulfur and other elements. Onion rather helps prevent serious illness like cancer 60% from occurring in your health and helps the body to cure dehydration on a hot summer day. Onion is not only beneficial for health, it is responsible for the growth of your hair. Apply onion oil to your scalp hair and transport it to the roots of hair, onion is more beneficial for thickening and lengthening the hair. Onion can give more benefit by working the blood circulation between the hair roots, it is possible only when you use it after giving interval.

Onion oil benefits – 

1. Use of onion oil or juice is beneficial in making head hair long and thick.

2. The right choice is to get rid of dandruff from hair.

3. Beneficial in strengthening hair roots.

4. Beneficial in strengthening hair roots.

5. Onion juice can be used naturally to cure Alopecia areata.

6. Blood circulation.

7. Controls hair fall

Use – 

You can use onion oil or juice, you can use it 1 time in a week for your hair.

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Here is the correct information about some natural oils for hair growth, if you understand this by reading this article, then you can buy (use) this oil for hair growth and thick, dandruff-free You have not missed any of your things.


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2. Indian gooseberry oil

Gooseberry is one such (medicinal fruit) important fruit which has innumerable benefits. gooseberry is also beneficial for health benefits and to strengthen antioxidants. Vitamin C and mineral in gooseberry nutrition.

Gooseberry is more beneficial for health as well as hair because it is beneficial to increase hair growth rate and prevent hair fall due to the presence of many ingredients in the gooseberry.

Gooseberry benefits – 

  • Beneficial to darken hair.
  • Prevent hair fall.
  • Thicken the hair.
  • To increase the growth rate of hair.

Usage –

The use of Indian gooseberry oil on the roots and hair of the hair with a light hand massage acts as a medicinal medicine for the hair.

To use the natural gooseberry oil, look here and buy.

1. Dabur Amla Hair Oil For Strong, Long and Thick

Dabur Amla Hair Oil For Strong, Long and Thick ...
Indian gooseberry Hair Oil For Strong, Long and Thick

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Indian gooseberry oil

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is more beneficial health. Coconuts are beneficial for healing your health like heart disease, mouth ulcers, hair, weight loss, reduce brain disorder, cancer disease, digestion.

By using coconut oil you reach the hair and its roots, it is suitable for healing the hair cells and making it long and thick.

Coconut benefits

1. Regulate thyroid.
2. Weight loss.
3. Hair benefits.
4. Glowing skin.
5. Controlled diabetes.
6. Improve immunity.
7. Blood cholesterol.

Usage –

Coconut can be used in two ways, and in this way, it can be beneficial for your health by using it in food (for skin, hair growth).

  1. Coconut water.
  2. By obtaining oil from dried coconut, you can use it on the faces, hair and whole body, which is beneficial for your health.

1. Dabur Anmol Gold 100 % Pure Coconut Oil ( Buy Now )

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Coconut Oil

2. Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil ( Buy Now )

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4. Castor oil

Castor oil or castor oil is known by many names. When people came to know about its quality from long ago, caster oil started using it in their daily life in many ways. Castor began to be used in all vegetables, joint pains, hair growth and differs from white and all oils and its fragrance also varies due to natural. Castor oil is used on hair to remove hair growth and loss, white, thinness.

It is beneficial in many ways by using castor oil on hair and its roots.

Castor oil benefits –

  1. Joint pain
  2. Hair Growth
  3. Pain relief
  4. Skin whitening
  5. Scalp strength
  6. Arthritis

Usage –

You have already learned about its benefits for using castor oil. Castor oil take a small amount of apply hair and massage by taking it to the roots, you can definitely feel the many benefits of hair.

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1. WOW Skin Science 100% Pure Castor Oil ( natural )

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Hair growth natural Castor Oil

5. Bhringraj hair oil

The plant of Bhringraj is 4 to 5 feet long. Bhringraj was already known as a medicinal. Bhringraj’s plant is beneficial for health as well as for the growth of hair (hair loss, white, dandruff, thinning all the problem).

Bhringraj contains other elements such as anti-oxidants, flavanoids and alkaloids that improve health and remove harmful substances. Use of oil obtained from Bhringraj is an important contributor to hair growth and maintaining hair health by removing hair fall, white, thinness.

You can know about its benefits by using Bhringraj as oil or by using tablet, Bhringraj leaf.

Bhringraj benefits –

  1. Control hair fall
  2. to prevent white hair
  3. suitable for all skin types
  4. Allergy-free oil
  5. Thick hair
  6. soft hair
  7. Strengthen the root of hair

Usage –

Bhringraj hair oil Usage
Bhringraj hair oil

Buy Bhringraj hair oil from here as it is natural and a test of the health of the hair ( Buy Now )

1. Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth

Himalayan Organics Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth
Bhringraj Oil Hair Growth

6. Mustard oil

Mustard is recognized in the category of medicine and more beneficial health has many vitamin and nutrients and is more yellow thick. Oil was used long ago in cooking, which helps in healing health and gave the taste of food more delicious. Mustard oil Applying on hair and massaging the body provides relief by relieving pain.

Mustard benefits OIL –

  1. To reduce weight
  2. Painkiller
  3. Relieving joint pain and body aches
  4. Growth of hair (long hair, thick hair, more black)
  5. Skin beauty
  6. Preventing cancer cells from forming.
  7. Reduce the symptoms of a cold
  8. Immunity

Mustard is used for hair growth

Mustard contains some elements towards the health of the body, which can be beneficial by eating it (with food) and applying it on the body. You should take mustard oil in small amounts for hair growth and by massaging it on the scalp on the hair and between the roots, it is enough for hair growth and you can use it daily.

1. True Oils and Mustard Oil ( Natural ) Pure for Hair, Body, Skin Care ( Buy Now )

True Oils and Mustard Oil ( Natural ) Pure for Hair, Body, Skin Care
Mustard Oil ( Natural ) 100%

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has long recognized it in the category of medicine. and used for a long time. Aloe vera first used to cure a of the breast and medicine has been done for decoration at home. The ingredients present in Aloe vera are ( vitamins A, C, E, vitamin B1 to B12 ) and Calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium are all present in the right amount, which is enough to cure your health. Aloe vera skin whitening, dermatitis, immunity, dehydration, hair growth, itching, shingles.

Aloe vera benefits

  1. To controls blood sugar level.
  2. To maintain body immunity.
  3. Hair growth.
  4. Cancer prevent.
  5. Antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  6. Skin care ( beauty , wrinkles , itching , anti- detox body ).
  7. Dehydration.
  8. To keep always good health.

Aloe vera used for hair growth and other body relative health

Aloe Vera use juice, gel, oil, shampoo to keep your hair healthy and you can use it according to its benefits. Growth hair, make sure to use shampoo 1 time a week and you can use oil on a daily basis, which is beneficial for hair in many ways.

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Aloe Vera & Neem

8. Vitamin

Vitamin is a fast and small form of vital energy which plays an important role in keeping the body healthy. To keep the body healthy every day natural source like as food, fruits, vegetables, milk. Take vitamins daily basis to choose source of vitamins in many ways like – medicine, fruits, grains, vegetables, all of them. Along with curing the disease, the vitamin prevents it from making the hair longer and richer, preventing hair fall.

Benefits of Vitamin –

Types of Vitamins and their Functions 

The intake

Vitamin intake with fruits, food, grains, vegetables.

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Oziva Hair Vitamins ( With DHT Blocker & Omega 3 )
Hair Vitamins

9. Hair growth shampoo

Air, dust, water contaminated with hair growth and internal and external environment in the hair is enough to damage the roots of hair by using a shampoo and soap made from ultraviolet ray chemical.

Using a naturally prepared shampoo available in medicine to protect the hair and prevent hair from all types of damage, removes all problems and makes it more dense and effective to use the shampoo to maintain hair growth.

There are many types of shampoo available in the market today which makes its quality hair growth and hair free from dandruff and maintains shine and softness on the hair.

Hair shampoo Benefits

  1. Reduces hair fall.
  2. Reducing dandruff present in the hair.
  3. To protect and strengthen hair roots.
  4. Hair softening.
  5. For hair growth.

How to Used Hair shampoo

Hair growth shampoo
Hair shampoo

Shampoo to prevent hair growth and hair fall – ( Buy Now )

1. Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Shampoo for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control.
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10. Yoga

There are many types of health benefits from doing yoga. Doing yoga increases immunity and adopts yoga to prevent disease. Yoga is an important aspect for everyone’s life, which is just a resolve to keep the activities of the body connected and to get rid of the disease. Adoption of yoga relieves many types of illness. Yoga is beneficial by doing different yoga for all kinds of benefits.

Benefits of yoga

There are types of benefits from doing yoga ( Benefits of yoga )

1. Best yoga tools for both ( men/women )

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  3. Good mat for all yoga ( Buy Now ).

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3. Good mat for all yoga

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11. Best hair growth Beet 

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