10 home remedies to increase eyesight


Along with staying healthy, taking care of the eyes and keeping the eyes healthy is equally important, as people are worried about reducing obesity in the present time, that is, people are worried about reducing obesity. The main reason for the weakening of the eyesight in the present time is due to many life-style events. In which genetic, lack of nutrients for the eye, injury to the eye and pollution of the environment (dust, smoke, strong sunlight) have a bad effect on the eye. Due to which the eyesight starts getting weak. And due to lack of right time and right treatment, the eyesight becomes dark all the time. Read this article completely till the end. Further home remedies to improve eyesight are discussed.

Cause of weak Eyesight

Eyesight With aging, the eyesight starts decreasing due to not being able to take necessary food and care for the eyes. Not only this, due to the lack of nutrients for the eye and injury, heredity or complete development of the body, the direct effect on the eye is linked to the brain and the cells of the eye. Due to which the message is sent to the brain to weaken the eyesight. It can be improved again by making some lifestyle changes to increase the eyesight.


The lack of essential nutrients for the eyesight has a negative effect on the eye. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, fatty acids, zinc, omega-3, and some essential nutrients for the eyes and helps in increasing the light by taking care of the eye.


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Symptoms of weak Eyesight

Along with weakening the eyesight, it has a bad effect on the lifestyle.

1. Watery eyes
2. Eye pain
3. To appear blurry
4. Swelling
5. Worry about some granular work.
6. Non-ambiguity of letters while reading
7. Mud coming from the eyes.


Factors affecting eyesight

Some of the major factors affecting eyesight.

1. Glaucoma, Cataract, Aging
2. UV light of the sun
3. To do some fine work for a long time by concentrating.
4. Smoking
5. Nutrient deficiency
6. To consume alcohol
7. Vitamin deficiency and frequent night blindness.
8. Infection
9. Genetic
10. Decreased physical development.


How to improve your eyesight

The following methods can be adopted to improve your eyesight. In which some tips have been given to increase the health and light of the eye in this way.

1. Protect the eye from the strong sunlight.
2. Consume essential nutrients.
3. To prevent the loss of eyesight, splash water in the eye.
4. Use sun glasses.
5. Omega-3 is beneficial for eyesight.
6. Consume fruits, vegetables, cereals with vitamin A source.
7. Green leafy vegetables.
8. Vitamin E is beneficial for the eyes.
9. Protect the eyes from polluted air and dust.
10. Use sunglasses for strong sunlight.


Home remedies to improve eyesight

To increase the eyesight, first of all people use things kept in the house, And using household things does not cause any harm, but to increase eyesight. complete information about home remedies or the advice of an Ayurveda expert should be taken. So that there is no harm on the eye in any way.


1. Carrot beneficial eyesight

All the nutrients present in carrots are very useful for eyesight. Vitamin A and nutrients are found in carrots. Consuming carrots in the form of vegetables, pickles, juices can be used to obtain the necessary nutrients. Carrots are beneficial for health as well as increasing eyesight. Carrot is helpful in removing anemia. And at the time of treatment of anemia disease, eating carrot or drinking juice is beneficial in anemia.


2. Mustard oil massage improves eyesight

Massaging mustard oil and garlic on the soles of the feet improves eyesight and removes dryness of the skin along with the beauty of the feet.

3. Indian gooseberry increases eyesight

Amla is beneficial for increasing the eyesight. Many properties and vitamins, nutrients are found in abundance in Amla. Which is beneficial for health as well as for the eyes. Amla can be consumed by making juice, marmalade, pickle, spicy. Or eating one amla raw every day is beneficial for increasing eyesight.


4. Honey increase eyesight

Honey is used on health as well as beauty for cream or face wash. It is used for eating honey and as a beauty product and medicine. Eating one spoon of honey daily increases eyesight and is the most effective home remedy to remove obesity.


5. Banana peel to increase eyesight

Eating banana is good for health. But do you know that along with banana peels are beneficial for health. If you do not have any health information about banana peel, then you can get information about its health by reading this article completely. Boiling banana peel and drinking its juice daily improves eyesight. And banana is beneficial for physical health.


6. Fish oil increase eyesight

Fish is beneficial for health. Eating fish is more beneficial for health, its description has been told for health since ancient times. Vitamins and essential nutrients are found in high amounts in fish, which is beneficial for health as well as eyesight. Cooking fish and eating it twice a week increases the eyesight.


7. Increase eyesight with milk

Many types of essential nutrients are found in milk. Milk is made of protein. Milk has many sources and properties of vitamins and essential nutrients. To consume milk, boil 3-4 almond pieces in 1 glass of milk. Drinking it is beneficial for health as well as increasing eyesight.

8. Spinach increase eyesight

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable. And the taste is mildly bitter and cassella. Spinach is the best source of Vitamin A. Many essential nutrients are found in spinach, which is beneficial for health. Spinach is consumed in the form of vegetable, juice. Drinking spinach juice every day is beneficial for the eyes along with physical health.


9. Papaya beneficial for eyesight

Papaya is eaten as a fruit and vegetable and sweet taste and bitter in taste and rich in fiber when eaten raw. Many nutrients and vitamins are found in proper amount in papaya, which is beneficial for health as well as increasing eyesight. It is consumed in the form of papaya vegetable, fruit and juice.


10. Increase eyesight with tomato

Tomato is placed in the category of both vegetable and fruit. Tomato is red and round. And the food is rich in fiber, sour. Tomato is cultivated in fertile soil all over India. Tomato is rich in vitamins and nutrients. And is the best source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is beneficial for increasing eyesight, and is useful for hair and skin. To improve eyesight, tomatoes can be eaten in the form of vegetables, salads and normal juice.

When to See a Doctor

The eye is one of the most delicate part of the body. Life without eyes is full of struggle and difficulty. Taking care of the eyes is as important as the proper amount of nutrients to stay healthy. In order to keep the eye healthy or if there is any kind of blindness in the eye or the number of eye glasses increases rapidly, then the advice of an expert related to the eye should be taken at your nearest health center.

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