10 Early symptoms of kidney disease


All the organs in a person’s body are known for their special functions. Similarly, today we know about the early symptoms of kidney disease. As there are 2 kidneys in the body, their special job is to filter waste material containing urea, creatinine, acid and nitrogen from the blood. Excreting the waste material present in the body and having special functions in the metabolism and production of urine in the body. The kidney is located behind the abdomen and on either side of the spine. It is also called a pair of kidneys. Its more special work it is known to control the body’s metabolism and temperature.

Today, millions of people around the world are getting sick and undergoing treatment for kidney disease. This disease, however, can be ascertained from family history if your family or distant relative is suffering from kidney disease. So in the coming time if your age is more than 60 years. Then you start having kidney related problems. Even during this age, one pair of kidneys may stop working. An example of kidney disease, understand that if you have been suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, sugar, kidney failure for a long time, then it is obvious. That you may face kidney disease in future.


10 Early symptoms of kidney

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a kidney related disease. If the functioning of the kidneys is stopped completely or gradually, then sodium and water start accumulating in the body during this time. Due to which a sudden change in health leads to a symptom. These include headache, dizziness, body ache, abdominal pain, loss of appetite. It can be included in the early symptoms of kidney disease.


2. Itchy skin

The kidney’s job would be to remove toxins from the body and from the blood. If the kidney function deteriorates, the body is not able to free the toxins from the blood, due to which the amount of toxin starts increasing in the internal part of the body. Due to which the symptoms of blood and foul odor can be felt along with a dry itchy skin. Itching on the body is not included in the symptoms of kidney disease. After making the diagnosis, the reason why the skin is itching can be ascertained.

3. Anemia

Symptoms of early kidney disease may include anemia. There is a severe deficiency of hemoglobin in the disease of anemia. Deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood is more in women, pregnancy and malnutrition or anemia, jaundice disease. The kidneys become more incapable of filtering the blood, due to which there is a lack of blood in the body during this time. Blood loss in kidney disease can be included in this early symptom.


4. Foam in urine

Foamy urine can be included in the early symptoms of kidney disease. The actual job of the kidney is to filter the blood and remove toxins from the body. If there is some complex disease in the kidney that can be included such as kidney stones, tumours, infection or family disease is also included. If this type of disease occurs in the kidney, then it is not able to filter the urine completely, due to which the amount of protein in the urine leaks from the blood. Due to which foaming during urination can be included in the symptoms of kidney disease.

5. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite can be included in kidney disease. As all of you have read in the next article or know that the special function of kidney is to release toxins from the body and to filter toxins from the blood. If there is any disease in the normal functioning of the kidney or the non-functioning of the kidney’s capacity, the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Symptoms of kidney disease include vomiting, bad taste, loss of taste, hiccups, all kinds of symptoms can be included in the early kidney disease symptoms.


6. More fatigue

Feeling more tired can be included in kidney disease. If you get tired after doing even a little work every day. And if you do not concentrate in any work or other situation, then the kidney is slowly stopping its work. Due to which the accumulation of toxins in the body can be included in the symptoms of kidney disease. During this, symptoms may include feeling more tired, feeling weak, fever, lethargy in kidney disease.


7. Other symptoms in kidney disease

Abdominal pain, body pain, weakness, lethargy, cramps in legs, itching of the skin, kidney failure, pain with tumor, loss of appetite, pain or strain in the muscles of the legs, back pain, severe back pain

8. Facial swelling is a sign of serious illness

Swelling in other parts of the body along with the face indicates kidney disease. Be alert if you are having pain and itching together with swelling of face, stomach, legs, then it indicates kidney disease. There has been a big hindrance in the normal functioning of the kidney, due to which such a condition has arisen. Not every swelling of the face can be linked to kidney disease. Although such a condition gets better after taking the medicine and then there is pain and itching with swelling then it can be associated with general kidney disease.


9. Urinary problems kidney symptoms

1. Decreased normal amount of urine.
2. Difficulty with burning urination.
3. Frequent urination.
4. The urine output persists.
5. Foam in urine.
6. No urination at all.

10. Irritability

Irritability if included in kidney disease. The diagnosis, if this explanation is completely correct, then it cannot be misunderstood. Irritability occurs due to trouble or disease in the lifestyle of every human race. However, irritability cannot be linked to kidney disease until a complete diagnosis of kidney disease has been made. Kidney disease can be associated with symptoms & due to high levels of toxins in the blood and lack of oxygen.



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