10 Ayurvedic Health Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

Introduction to Tomato

Tomato is that part of the vegetable without which the vegetable is completely incomplete and first known as golden fruit. Tomato is delicious to eat and more beneficial for health. The best source of vitamin C, calories, magnesium, potassium and Antioxidants (which are capable of fighting any disease).

The plant is as thick as the finger and the stem is longer, the leaves are darker, the size of the neem leaf. Tomato is cultivated twice in a year ( October November and March April ) . There are different varieties of tomato and the fruit is more red. Tomato is a hybrid and native species in India.


What is Tomato?

People usually eat tomato more as a vegetable. The tomato is red and the tree is more odorless and the leaf is cut at the edge and resembles a neem leaf. The flower of tomato is yellow and small in size of the fruit. Tomato is sour and tasty to eat, along with it is a more beneficial vegetable. Tomato is used for flavoring vegetables and in preparing condensed juice.

Scientific Name of Tomato


Kingdom Plantae
Scientific name Tomato
Genus Solanum
Order Solanales
Family Solanaceae
Classification Tomatoes
Species Solanum lycopersicum


Nutrients of Tomato

Tomatoes contain 90% water and 43% antioxidants, fiber 2 to 3%. Calorie 25% and other nutrients shown in the chart below. Nutrition facts of tomato are shown by calculating according to a standard. The nutritional value gained by eating tomatoes included in one’s diet in a day has been shown.


Antioxidant 43%
Antibacterial 3-4%
Anti-Inflammatory 2%
Sugars 2-3%
Sourness 5%
Enzymes 35%
Fat 2%
Carbs 0.10%
Copper 0.8%
Calcium 2%
Zinc 0.3%
Manganese 0.9%
Amino Acids 7%
Vitamins 5%



Benefits of Tomato

The chart above shows how many calories and energy a person gets in a day by eating tomatoes every day. Benefits of eating tomatoes – Helps in scurvy disease, improves digestion power, reduces the speed of hair loss, controls blood pressure.

1. Tomato beneficial scurvy disease

Eating tomato is beneficial in scurvy disease. Scurvy disease deficiency of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is abundant in tomatoes. The main symptoms of scurvy disease are skin eruptions and bleeding. Treatment of scurvy with home remedies cures it in 2 to 3 days. Scurvy is a common type of disease. Tomato is more beneficial in home treatment of scurvy. Eating tomatoes raw or applying tomato juice on the lips and gums provides relief.



2. Tomato lose weight ( Reduce weight just 2 weeks with 10 effective home remedies )

Tomato is beneficial in weight loss. Tomatoes contain special chemical substances and carbohydrates and carbs, which control weight gain. There are many ways to control obesity, the first of which is that the benefits of tomatoes help more in reducing obesity. Tomato reduces fat by burning to reduce weight. To reduce weight, tomatoes can be eaten in any way.




3. Tomatoes increase appetite


The quicker the digestion of food, the faster the body gets energy and vitamins and other nutrients. Tomato helps more in food digestion.


4. Tomatoes control diabetes

By consuming 1 to 2 tomatoes daily to a diabetic patient, increased diabetes can be controlled.

5. Tomatoes improve skin

Tomatoes increase the glow on the skin naturally and making a face pack of tomatoes and applying it on the skin has many benefits.


Tomato face pack

To make tomato face pack, cut the tomato finely and remove the seeds from the tomato and the part attached to the seed. Grind tomatoes finely in a mixer. Make a face pack by mixing 1 teaspoon turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon honey in finely ground tomato juice. Applying a face pack of tomato on the skin makes the skin glow.


Note –

1. Tomato removes impurities and dust on the skin.
2. Turmeric makes the skin free of antibacterials and enhances the glow.
3. Honey improves moisture and glow the face skin.



6. Tomato Source of Antioxidants

Tomatoes are the best source of antioxidants. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and are a natural source of other vitamins and nutrients. Tomato strengthens the immune system and frees the body from disease in fighting diseases. Tomato is the best source of boosting the immune system. Tomatoes per person in salads and vegetables, lentils, according to the figure, 43% of tomatoes are consumed daily to keep the immune system strong.


7. Tomato benefits for hair

Tomato is beneficial for hair. The medicinal properties of tomatoes are often beneficial for health. Mixing amla or coconut oil in the juice by grinding tomatoes finely and massaging it in the hair scalp is beneficial for the hair in this way. As the benefits for hair breakage, dandruff, thinning, and hair growth are slow.



8. Tomato beneficial reducing blood pressure

Tomatoes are beneficial for reducing blood pressure. Carotenoids and vitamins, nutrients, lycopene, potassium present in tomatoes are all beneficial in reducing increased blood pressure. The sourness of tomatoes is more beneficial for reducing increased blood pressure and it has been described that sourness is beneficial in reducing blood pressure.

9. Tomatoes provide relief from constipation

Tomato is beneficial in relieving constipation. Grind tomatoes finely and separate the juice and take cumin, finely ground cumin, salt according to taste, mix it all in the juice and take, it provides relief from constipation.


Eating tomato salad relieves constipation and is beneficial.


10. Tomatoes beneficial acne

Acne is often caused by hormonal changes or in a boy or girl in adolescence. Having scars on the face makes the skin appear unsightly to itself and others. Home remedies to treat acne on the skin are cured by tomato. Mixing turmeric powder and neem leaves in tomato juice and applying it on the skin provides relief from acne on the skin.



11. Tomatoes beneficial anemia

Tomato is more beneficial in the home treatment of anemia. Vitamins, nutrients, magnesium, iron, calcium are all available in abundance in tomatoes. Consumption of tomato in the form of juice, salad or vegetable removes the lack of blood.


12. Tomato beneficial vomiting


If vomiting occurs again and again without any reason. By preparing tomato juice, adding ginger juice and cumin, black salt and consuming it, the problem of vomiting can be reduced.


Useful Parts of Tomato

The useful part of tomato is often the flower, leaf, tree, fruit, its use.


Tomato side effects

1. Excessive consumption of tomatoes can increase the problem of stones in the stomach.
2. Slowing down the heart bit which is not beneficial to health.
3. Eating too much sour food kills good bacteria.
4. A person with low blood pressure should not consume tomato.
5. Consuming tomato in fever increases the temperature of fever.

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